10 Things You Didn’t Know About Zuri Adele

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Zuri Adele

Zuri Adele

Zuri Adele is a fairly new actress who is best known for her role as Malika Williams in the television series “Good Trouble.” Although she hasn’t been involved in show business for long, she has made a great impression on audiences who enjoy watching her perform, and everyone would love to know more about her. To satisfy the longing for more knowledge, here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Zuri Adele.

1. She made her debut in 2010

Even though Zuri has only appeared in a total of seven acting projects in television and film she has been around for just short of a decade. She kicked off her acting career with a small role in the film short “Russian Roulette” in 2010/11. She played the role of a character named Michelle, so in case you’re wondering, she’s been involved in acting for a while.

2. There have been gaps in her appearances

As we were looking through her television and film credits, we noticed that Zuri has had a few gaps since she made her first appearance back in 2010. Her next television series role was in 2013, as the character Mother in the television series “Under the Dome.” The following year she played the part of Margo Winters in the film short “The Social Worker.” This was followed by the part of Rae in the TV movie “Plenty” in 2016. She also had a minor role as Vawn in the film short “C.R.E.A.M. & Butter,” in 2018.

3. 2019 has been a good year for her.

Zuri appeared as Lena in the film short “Spilt Milk,” but she also landed a recurring role for 2019. This could be her breakthrough. She plays the part of Malika Williams in the television series “Good Trouble,” which is scheduled to return for 2020. We saw that she is on the schedule to return to her role.

4. Her Birthday

Another thing that fans are curious about is Zuri’s age. She is currently 29 years old. She was born on April 10, 1990, to Darryl Alladice, and Elaine Ray. She has two hometowns which include Boston, Massachusetts, and Palo Alto, California. Zuri Ray-Alladice is the name that her mother and father gave her at birth and Zuri Adele is the professional name that she has chosen to work under as an actress.

5. She was educated in California

Although Zuri was born in Massachusetts, her family relocated to California and this is where she grew up and attended school. She went to Gunn High School in Palo Alto and graduated from the school in 2008. MC Hammer helped to hand out the diplomas at the graduation. She was a winner of the Gunn High School Faculty Cup at her graduation, which distinction was only given to three deserving students.

6. She went to college in Georgia

Zuri wanted to become an actress, so she found a school that offered the coursework that would help her to build a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. She completed the requirements for her BA degree in drama from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia and graduated from the program.

7. She is highly educated

After earning her bachelor’s of arts degree from Spelman, Zuri pursued yet a higher degree. She went abroad for a year and studied at the London British American Drama Academy, further enhancing her knowledge and skills. Afterward, she returned to California where she enrolled at UCLA and completed her MFA degree in acting. Zuri has an advanced degree in acting where she further honed her skills and learned more about the complexities of the art and craft of acting.

8. Her father is a famous poet

Darryl Alladice is a well-known and respected poet. Her mother, Elaine Ray is also a respected literary personality. Darryl is also a storyteller and a writer. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, but has performed around the world. He remains active in his profession and he also makes the time for teaching youth as well as for bicycling around Brooklyn. He has had some health concerns recently though. Zuri shared in December of 2018 that her father was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia and about a year ago, he was hospitalized for complications from the condition just before Christmas Eve of 2018. Adele flew home to be with him during the medical crisis. It’s plain that her value for higher education has come from the teachings of her mother and father.

9. Zuri values diversity

Zuri plays an activist in the television series “Good Trouble,” and she is very pleased about the privilege of playing in a role that openly confronts racial bias. She identifies herself as being bi and being in a diverse cast gives her the sense that she has found her tribe within the LGBTQ community. Landing the part was very fortunate for her and she feels blessed to be a part of a series that is positive and progressive, with castmates who are not judgmental.

10. She is on Instagram

If you’re a fan of Zuri Adele and you want to keep up with what’s trending in her personal and professional life, you can do so by following her on Instagram. She does a great job of keeping up on posts and she has made 75 so far. She has 32.6,000 followers which shows that she has a very large and adoring fan base. On the site, you’ll find a quote from writer Toni Morrison, stating “If you surrender to the air, you can ride it.” There are some great pictures of Zuri goofing off in her everyday life, along with some great photos of her and her co-stars from “Good Trouble.” She also provides a link to her favorite charity through UCLA, and much more.

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