Youtube Star Kian Lawley Dropped over Racist Comments

If you have a tendency to follow YouTube a lot, you might already know who Kian Lawley is. If you don’t know, he is often considered a YouTube star, as he has had his own YouTube channel for a number of years now. Recently, he has found himself immersed in some controversy, thanks to comments that he made involving some racial slurs. Below are five things that you might not know about him. Keep reading to find out more about this individual that is getting so much attention in the news right now.

1. Lots of people pay attention to him

Today, he has over 3 million subscribers To his YouTube channel, which he started back in 2010. If you stop and think about that, it’s almost staggering when you consider the type of potential influence that he could have on other people, given the racist remarks that he recently made. Obviously, there are plenty of people that are paying close attention to what he is saying and doing, and there are probably more than a few that are trying to emulate him.

2. He’s acted before

Thanks to his popularity on YouTube, he started acting in various movies in 2015. Although he doesn’t have a lot of movies to his credit, there are a handful of them and some of them are fairly well-known. He even had a part in Madea’s Boo 2. Up until recently, he seemed to be burgeoning on a fairly lucrative acting career, but all of that is in jeopardy now.

3. He seems to have a lot of short relationships

Several months ago, he announced that he was in a relationship with another self-proclaimed YouTube star and then just a couple of months after that, he announced that they were no longer together. It wasn’t very long until he was spotted hanging out with a model and sure enough, he announced that they were also a couple. Less than two months later, they were no longer seeing each other. Maybe it is nothing more than the fact that he is young, but in light of the recent comments that he made, you have to wonder why he seems to be going through so many relationships so quickly.

4. His agent dropped him

After he made the racist comments, his agent decided he no longer wanted anything to do with him and subsequently dropped him. At this time, it remains yet to be determined whether or not he will be able to get another agency to represent him. More importantly, the state of his future endeavors in film or anything else seem to be in jeopardy. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson from this incident and there won’t be a repeat of it.

5. He might have ruined his career

Up until people found out about the comment that he made, he was scheduled to appear in a movie called The Hate You Give. Once those comments were made public, he was dropped from the film, as the decision was made to recast his role. It remains to be seen whether or not he will be able to salvage whatever might be left of his career and move forward, but perhaps in time he will be able to do exactly that..

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