You Know His Name: Candyman (New Trailer Arrives)

You Know His Name: Candyman (New Trailer Arrives)

It almost makes a person not want to look in the mirror any longer since this movie, even back in the day, was insanely creepy and more than enough to keep the name of the infamous killer off the lips of those wary enough to not mess with the idea that something might hear them. The trailer for Candyman has finally dropped and thus far Jordan Peele’s recreation of the old movie isn’t looking as though it will disappoint, though it is starting to look as though it might be significantly different than the original, enough so that the protagonist has appeared to be just as involved as Virginia Madsen was in the initial movie, but with a definite twist. It almost sounds as though this movie, produced by Peele and directed by Nia DaCosta, is going to be taking off from the 1992 movie and bringing the legend into the present as Cabrini-Green, the housing project that’s been famous for a couple of different reasons throughout the years, once again houses the horror that was so intense and absolutely bone-chilling decades ago. This time around however the specter of Daniel Robitaille will be seeking out the character of Anthony McCoy, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who played Black Manta in DC’s Aquaman movie. What transpires in the trailer is enough to get a person thinking that there’s a strange connection there that we don’t know enough about yet, but will discover when the movie finally releases in June. Josh Weiss of SyFy Wire has more to say in his own words regarding the upcoming movie.

Anyone that watched this movie back in the 90s should be able to admit that yes, it was a slasher flick and yes, it got downright bloody, but it was also disturbing in a way as to its delivery and the strange hold that the legend had over the people of Cabrini-Green in the movie. Back then terrifying and bloody horror were a common staple of the 90s as both visceral and cerebral methods were widely used to scare the living daylights out of people. As the effects became more advanced and film making techniques continued to improve though the horror genre had to move onward and upwards in order to keep up with the rest of Hollywood as special effects continued to move towards CGI and other methods that were more visually acceptable to a mass number of people. Candyman belonged to a time in which gore was still expected in horror movies since a man with a bloody hook where one hand had been doesn’t inspire much less than a gruesome and horrifying death.

This time around though Candyman appears to be taking on even more targets and will even go after those that don’t necessarily believe in him, but are foolish enough to say his name five times all the same. The twist appears to be that Anthony is somehow the key to bringing him back and to releasing the legend that Cabrini-Green has lived with for so long. If anyone remembers the original movie then they’ll recall that Candyman was considered to be an utter nightmare and someone that one didn’t talk about in general for fear that he might hear his name and think of it as a summoning. In this current trailer however it does appear as though talking about him isn’t quite as dangerous any longer, at least until the weirdness begins and those that know better start to hush up in a hurry when his name comes into question. In a way this movie already looks like a return to form when it comes to horror since the one thing that anyone has learned about horror movies is what NOT to do when faced with a situation in which people are being slaughtered like lambs by something that can’t or won’t be explained. But it’s being given an appearance that is every bit as unnerving as the original and so far it looks like it might live up to its namesake and possibly be just as good. I could be wrong, but the images that have been shown thus far are just chilling enough to make one’s breath quicken a bit and set their heart to racing just a little quicker as the barest hint of Candyman’s presence.

The initial thought when hearing that this movie was being remade was that it might not be the best idea, which changed to the thought that it could work if done correctly. Thankfully it does look like DaCosta and Peele did their homework on the movie and have so far created something that will appeal to the fans of the 90s movie and those that want to see something new. Candyman is the kind of movie monster that people have been missing for a long time. Dare you to say his name, one more time.

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