World Record Woman Successfully Hula Hooping 180 Hoops

World Record Woman Successfully Hula Hooping 180 Hoops

World Record Woman Successfully Hula Hooping 180 Hoops

A lot of people have trouble just managing ONE hula hoop. This woman is going for the world record of 180 hula hoops at a time. Now that’s ambition. The mere thought of doing more than that would send a lot of people into laughing fits as they could just imagine the hoops doing one half spin and then falling to the ground. But this woman keeps them going continuously in a manner that is nothing short of hypnotic.

In terms of gaining a world record it seems like there isn’t a lot that people aren’t willing to do. But to be honest it’s at least a little impressive since to keep all those hoops going at once your body has to be in continual motion and it has be able to sync up with the movements of the hoops even if half of them are moving in a different manner than the others. So it’s something special to watch because the bodily control that this woman exhibits is something beyond what the average person could probably do.

Hooping has actually been classified as an exercise and you can probably guess why. It’s more than just standing there and rolling a hoop around your midsection after all. It’s something that actually takes some skill and muscles that are in good, trim condition to be used in the further rolling of the hoop so that it maintains a smooth, constant motion. This exercise can burn a large number of calories if done often enough and can even help to slim your waistline if you keep at it. Obviously you still need to watch what you eat and how much otherwise no exercise in the world is going to help.

You can also use weight hula hoops to add to the burn and create a more intense exercise. Something tells me that this woman did just that for a while to help strengthen her core so that she could handle the multiple hoops. Even though they weigh a minimal amount the sheer number of hoops that she’s using could eventually become too much. Using weighted hoops to train with could have done a lot to strength her body and allow her to retain the flexibility she would need to pull off this stunt.

What it does make me wonder however is if there are regulations to what she has to do for this stunt. Are the hoops supposed to be a certain weight or size? How long does she need to keep them spinning to make the record? These are things the record makers are certainly looking at and factors that could always affect how a person goes about making the record in the first place.

This isn’t to take anything away from it, not at all. It’s just curious to think of how things like this get done and how people come up with the idea in the first place. Inspiration strikes anywhere and everywhere sometimes and it’s usually up to the people that have the most out of the box ideas to pick up on it and follow through. Good job Marawa, and wow.


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