Why We’ll Be Watching “Paper Spiders”

Why We’ll Be Watching “Paper Spiders”

Some movies are designed to stomp your emotions flatter than a pancake and then fluff them up somehow by the end, taking care to make sure that people feel every agonizing moment along the way. Growing up is hard enough without having to deal with other external stimuli that might make things even harder considering that they’re bound to affect the inner turmoil that a person might be feeling at times. The movie shows the lives of a mother and daughter that are attempting to navigate their way through life as the mother’s paranoid delusions manifest in ways that can be a bit annoying but essentially harmless to out of control and capable of ruining her own life as well as her daughter’s. One can easily guess that many talks of mental illness are going to be started upon seeing this movie since paranoia is one of the many things that can break a person down without the use of anything other than the seriously unbalanced emotions and thoughts that can flit through a person’s head when they’re left alone or are given any reason to doubt anyone around them. Some might say that it’s easy to talk without having been around anyone that’s gone through paranoid delusions in their life, but this is why we’re bound to watch this movie since such a thing is a little more common than people might think. Having been around more than one person with paranoid delusions, I can personally say that the scope of this movie isn’t so far out of bounds that it couldn’t happen in real life, since such things have happened in the past.

Growing up with someone that has this type of mental illness isn’t easy, especially when one is trying to sort out their own life and what they want out of it. The movie is already making it clear that the mother and daughter will come to odds at one point, but that the unconditional love that lies between them is bound to be the bond that won’t break no matter how strained it becomes. It’s still bound to leave a lot of people feeling anxious and even uncertain of their own place in life since the fact is that movies such as this are made to pull on the heartstrings of the audience in a way that many people will likely be crying at some point in the movie. There’s nothing wrong with this obviously, but it’s almost a guarantee since there are plenty of people that cry at movies that are far less emotional than this one promises to be, so it’s easy to think that some folks should be bringing a box of tissues with them just for the sake of it.

There is a question as to why people enjoy watching drama on this scale so much, but the answer is pretty simple and it has a lot to do with empathy. Those that have plenty of empathy get the reasoning behind wanting to empathize with others, no matter if the tale is fictional or real. Those that don’t have that much empathy for their fellow human beings tend to be looked at as those that are detached, distant, and altogether repressed in different ways. But if you don’t cry during a movie like this it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re less than empathetic, it simply means that you might have a better handle on your emotions and do a better job of rationalizing that this is fiction and not reality, even though it’s not too far off the mark in many cases. It’s fair to say that this movie is going to make a lot of people bust out in tears simply because they don’t know how else to react or aren’t ashamed to let it be known that their emotions can be affected by a story that is deep enough to tweak their heartstrings and make them feel something for fictional characters. If anything, this is definitely one of the movies that one might recommend for anyone going through a hard time in their lives as it could help them gain a bit of perspective or could even help them to balance out their own line of thought in some strange but useful way.

Dramatic movies that deal with mental illness are quite often the type that will lead to a great deal of introspection since they bring up subjects that are very close to home for many people and will grab at just about any issue that they can in order to round themselves out as a complete and compelling story. Seeing this at least once would be wise for a lot of people to get a handle on what it really means to grow up around those that are less than stable.

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