Why We Need Tommy Wiseau on the WWE

Why We Need Tommy Wiseau on the WWE

Why We Need Tommy Wiseau on the WWE

It boggles the mind to think that anyone wants Tommy Wiseau anywhere for anything other than a few good laughs but apparently the WWE is where some people want to see him now. This came about thanks to the current feud between the WWE women’s champion Ronda Rousey and The Man, Becky Lynch. Since Lynch turned heel she’s been doing everything she can to rile up Rousey and make sure that Rousey knows that she’s coming for her. In the current Twitter war that Rousey and Lynch seem to have engaged in Lynch went so far to put Rousey’s face on a scene from The Disaster Artist in an attempt to humiliate her. When Tommy Wiseau saw this he went on to say that he would gladly announce the match between Lynch and Rousey at Wrestlemania. Not only would this give him another leg up in terms of being seen but it would help with his promotion of a film he’s calling Big Shark.

Huh boy.

If ever there was a place where a man of Wiseau’s ‘talents’ would be appreciated it would be the WWE, but the only issue here, at the moment anyway, is that Lynch is facing a suspension that will end only days after Wrestlemania, where she and Rousey were set to square off. Rousey is set to face Charlotte Flair instead, but as many fans of the WWE know a suspension is likely only going to stick as long it’s good for business. It’s not likely that Flair will be taken out of the match in favor of Lynch, but if the suspension doesn’t hold then you can possibly anticipate a Triple Threat match that would take place between the three women. But even that might be in jeopardy since Rousey recently gave up the belt to Stephanie McMahon in the ring, laying it at her feet after trying to convince her to reinstate Becky. Whether this story line will play out in Lynch’s favor or not is something that has a lot of people holding their breath since they know just how things tend to happen in the WWE and that nothing is permanent until it’s made good and clear that it’s going to happen no matter what. After all, even retirement isn’t a firm thing since so many wrestlers have come back to the ring at least a few times in the past.

But putting Tommy Wiseau at the announcer’s table for at least a match seems like a ploy that would, if it was done, seem like something that would be mercifully short since just listening to Wiseau talk and act is a form of torture all on its own. Some people like him it would seem and he’s even now trying to create spinoffs of The Room, the same movie that a lot of people have loved to tear apart and emulate in a satirical fashion. Whether this will be noticeable at all or not is hard to say but it’s easy to think that Wiseau would be very noticeable at Wrestlemania since it almost seems as though he might be played up as a comical act that no one knows how to deal with and a few wrestlers might try to work with in an act that sees them trying to understand him and his vision. That might seem old school but it does seem as though it would be the best way to handle him on the set. One could only hope that, if he did get his way, after a taste of the limelight in the WWE he wouldn’t want to come back and be an announcer or in some way affiliated with the franchise.

There’s no hate for Tommy Wiseau, he’s just kind of a ridiculous actor and director that some folks happen to think is a genius despite the fact that it’s so hard to get through The Room and anything else he might appear in. Something about the guy just doesn’t say good or even mediocre actor, but he seems to have loads and loads of confidence that allows him to keep going even when the criticism starts to unload. The WWE would no doubt welcome and jeer him at the same time since the fans of the WWE are known to be pretty vicious when it comes to their regard of certain characters and would no doubt let Wiseau know just how they felt about his presence. Of course if the place went dead silent for a moment when he came out it wouldn’t be too surprising either, and it might be kind of hilarious.

But if he does make his way to the WWE it might also indicate that Vince is slipping just a bit in his judgment and might need to pass the reins fully to Stephanie and Hunter finally.

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