Why Jackass Forever Turned Out to be a Massive Success

Why Jackass Forever Turned Out to be a Massive Success

Even a global pandemic or a 12-year break couldn’t stop these adrenaline junkies at the box office. The fourth main edition in the long-running brand, Jackass Forever, was a huge box office hit on its opening weekend.

After 12 years, Johnny Knoxville, Stevo-O Jackass, Chris Pontius, and the rest of the Jackass cast names returned to the big screen for another round of reckless shenanigans. The film not only exceeded predictions, but it also substantially outperformed its direct competitors.

Before its premiere, it was unclear whether Jackass’ idea of already mature guys purposefully injuring themselves had come to a close and whether there was still a market for this sort of entertainment on the big screen. However, with Jackass Forever performing exceedingly well, its achievement speaks for itself.

Why Is Jackass Forever A Box Office Hit?

Why Jackass Forever Turned Out to be a Massive Success

Credits: Jackass

Jackass Forever is both a comedy and an epic adventure!

The entire Jackass Forever casts, together with Rachel Wolfson and Butterbean Jackass, engages in strange, risky, and nonsensical deeds and adventures. While absurd and dangerous, it is amusing enough to make people laugh and forget about their problems.

The box office success of Jackass Forever is due to several things. First, long-time fans of the series didn’t want to miss out on the chance to see the gang back together on the big screen after so many years.

The film also attracted a large number of new fans. Johnny Knoxville, for example, has been making promotional events for the film, including some WWE performances that have gained traction on social media.

His efforts, however, were successful. With 67% of Jackass Forever’s Saturday demographic being between the ages of 18 and 34, some of them did not even exist when the Jackass show first aired.

Jackass Forever also prospered from being a cinema-only release with no streaming or digital options. Furthermore, with the two-year landmark of COVID restrictions approaching, Jackass Forever attracted audiences who may have wanted to ignore real-world problems and laugh at ridiculously entertaining stunts.

Finally, positive reviews have significantly impacted Jackass Forever’s box office success. It had the best critical response of any Jackass picture, garnering an 85% fresh rating on the globally recognized film critic portal, Rotten Tomatoes.

How Much Money Did Jackass Forever Make At The Box Office?

Why Jackass Forever Turned Out to be a Massive Success

Credits: Jackass

The production budget for Jackass Forever was only $10 million. This is comparable to previous Jackass films, which have historically been inexpensive to produce due to the simplistic quality of the concept.

The film made $23.1 million in its first weekend at the domestic box office. It had more than doubled its investment in three days. While playing in 3,604 theaters, it has earned an additional $5.2 million from nine overseas markets.

While the circus act Jackass Forever was always expected to be the number-one comedy on its first weekend, it surpassed industry expectations of a $15 million debut.

The Jackass films have received excellent reviews from fans and have been commercially successful. Despite this, Jackass Forever’s box office debut was on the lower end of the scale than the other Jackass films.

Jackass: The Movie (2002) was made for $5 million and grossed $22.8 million in the United States. It grossed $79.5 million worldwide by the end of its run. Jackass Number Two, on the other hand, with a larger budget of £11.5 million, scored $29 million nationwide on opening weekend. It made $84.6 million in total international revenue.

Final Thoughts

If you grew up knowing about the Jackass gang’s shenanigans, you might have found Jackass Forever to be an incredibly emotional experience. It’s always fun to hang out with the lunatic bunch (even if Ryan Dunn isn’t there) while they do outrageous stuff you’d never think of.

Although many thought Forever was the franchise’s end, you may have noticed that Netflix has confirmed the Jackass 4.5 release date. To be clear, Jackass 4.5 is not the same as Jackass Forever, and it has a lot of new material and amazing stunts. To put it another way, it’s like the Jackass Forever Streaming B-sides.

This is kind of a Jackass tradition since there are also  Jackass 3.5 and Jackass 2.5. Johnny Knoxville discussed Jackass 4.5, claiming that Jackass Forever was so good that 4.5 ended up being as good as it is.

The film allows fans to see several actions and amusing situations that did not make it into the main film. In addition, the crew will also provide their perspectives on what they experienced on set and how production started.

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