Where is The Notebook Cast Now?

Where is The Notebook Cast Now?
Where is The Notebook Cast Now?

Credit: The Notebook

Nicholas Sparks is a man who writes a novel based on emotion. He brings tears to our eyes, and he always manages to break our hearts. He’s a man whose books require a certain level of understanding to read, and we get it. He hurts us, breaks us down, and builds us up, and his stories are not always the kind with a happy ending. However, we do love that his books regularly become movies, and the 2004 movie rendition of “The Notebook” is one of the best. It’s difficult to believe it’s been 18 whole years since the movie was released – it would be going off to college if it were one of our children. In the past 18 years, the cast of this hit movie has done so much, and it’s time to find out where the cast of The Notebook is now.

Rachel McAdams

She plays Allie, the young woman who meets a boy in the 1940s when they are teenagers. She falls in love with him. His name is Noah. Her parents aren’t having any of it, but they find love and a magical summer together. However, they are ripped apart at the end of summer, and they do not see one another again for many years.

Rachel McAdams had a huge year the year this movie came out. She also starred as the horrid Regina George in the hit movie Mean Girls opposite Lindsay Lohan, which was huge. McAdams went on to become the most in-demand actress of the decade. She was in The Vow, About Time, and Wedding Crashers, and she earned herself an Academy Award nomination for her role in Spotlight. She’s currently in a relationship with Jamie Linden (though she did date Ryan Gosling for four years following this movie), and they have two kids together.

Where is The Notebook Cast Now?

Credit: The Notebook

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is one of the most beloved men in Hollywood. He is Noah, the young man from the wrong side of the tracks who is not good enough for Allie. He finds her. Gosling’s character knows he will find her. He buys the house they snuck around in when they were teens, and he works throughout his adulthood to rehab this house to make it magic. It is as if he knew they’d find one another, and they did.

Since the movie, Ryan Gosling has been living large. He earned his first Oscar nomination for his role in Half-Nelson (2007). He was nominated again for LaLa Land in 2017. He’s also worked on several movies in the indie genre, and he loves it. He began dating actress Eva Mendes in 2011, and they live a quiet life with their daughters. They tend to stay out of the spotlight.

James Garner

We don’t know until the movie’s end that he is the old-age version of Noah. He goes by Duke, and he’s the man visiting his friend, a lovely elderly woman, in a facility. He reads her the story of The Notebook, and she has no idea it is their love story and that she is Allie. She knows she enjoys being around this kind man who seems so patient with her.

This was among his last movies. His career in the entertainment industry began in the 1950s, and he had the pleasure of working with all of Hollywood’s most fascinating leading ladies. He’s an Oscar-nominated actor and a true legend. Sadly, Garner died in 2014. He lived with coronary artery disease and suffered a heart attack that took his life when he was 88.

Gena Rowlands

She plays Allie in the future. The character cannot remember who she is most of the time. She doesn’t remember her home, family, kids, or beloved husband – the one she searched for her entire life until she found him again. However, she finds moments of clarity before breaking everyone’s hearts again.

Her career began in the 50s, and she became one of the world’s most celebrated actresses. Though she’s not taken on many roles since her 2004 appearance in The Notebook, she’s made a few television appearances and movie appearances. She’s currently 92. Her career is one the world will never forget. She’s the proud winner of four Emmys and two Golden Globes, though she’s been nominated for many more.

Where is The Notebook Cast Now?

Credit: @jamesmarsden

James Marsden

Lon…sweet Lon, the man engaged to marry Allie, who suddenly takes off and decides she needs a few days on her own to figure things out. She heads back to the place where she met the love of her life when she was a teen, and they fall madly in love all over again. Lon does not win in the end, but he is nothing short of entirely gracious about it. He went on to star in the X-Men movies, and he starred in a number of romantic comedies. He’s the proud father of three kids, though he is divorced.

Sam Shepard

We mention him even though he was not the main character, mainly because he was a major character, unlike some of the others. He was the lovely Frank Calhoun, Noah’s father. He’s a man with a long career and a lot of success. He’s been nominated for an Oscar, and he even has a Pulitzer Prize to his name. Sadly, the world mourned his death in 2017. He suffered from ALS, and the complications eventually killed him.

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