The Five Best Exorcism Movies that aren’t titled The Exorcist

The Five Best Exorcism Movies that aren’t titled The Exorcist

Exorcism films seem to start with The Exorcist no matter what arguments anyone might make but they certainly don’t end there. While the famed movie that made helped to make exorcisms a part of movie lore has been and still is considered to be one of the absolute best, it’s still not the only one out there since many upon many that touch upon the subject have been made since. In fact exorcism has even been spoofed in many different ways as the subject matter is certainly not immune to comedy. Any and all movies that deal with exorcism in some way have managed to make an impact on the audience since the idea of someone, or something, being able to reach into your body and take control is absolutely horrifying. Plus, the idea that it could be something that was old when you weren’t even born is even scarier.

Here are a few movies that cover the idea of exorcism and aren’t titled The Exorcist.

5. Stigmata

Frankie doesn’t put much stock in the ways of God and in truth she doesn’t even believe in Him to start with. But when she starts experience the stigmata, wounds that were forced upon Jesus Christ when he was being persecuted, her belief system begins to change dramatically, as does her life. When Father Kiernan gets to her the possession has already been taking place as she becomes a vessel off and on for someone that is writing the words of Jesus Christ through her, and then something that is trying to overturn that message as it makes her into a puppet for its insane rage.

4. Scary Movie 2

When it comes to spoof movies there are few if any that can make the same claims that Scary Movie does in terms of how great they are. These movies pretty much rewrote the book when it comes to spoofing, and the Exorcist is just one of the many ways that they managed to get peoples’ attention. In fact the first part of the movie is little more than an Exorcist spoof with a few other pleasant moments thrown in to give it a little more flavor. Out of all the movies that have dealt with exorcism in any way this is one of the absolute best since it makes you laugh and keep asking for more.

3. The Devil Inside

Films like these are slightly dangerous since being formed in the style of a documentary can fool a lot of people into thinking that they’re real. But when a woman goes to visit her mother in a Catholic asylum, believing she is possessed, she finds out the horrible truth and becomes possessed herself at one point. The death and murder in this film is pretty rampant since the whole idea is that the demons acting through their human hosts are as bent on creating as much havoc as possible. This movie spent some time at the top of the charts but then began to disappear quickly as the weeks wore on.

2. The Rite

Such a thing as demonic possession is said to affect and test one’s mettle as well as their faith. In the real world we like to mock and even belittle those that pass off what might be mental deficiencies as demonic possession. But in the movies it becomes a war that’s waged in spirit as well as in body since demons to tend to latch on and don’t want to let go. However they come into this world they tend to leave it in a very violent way that can tear at the soul of the person they’ve latched onto and make them suffer every moment they’re around. The manner in which they’re expelled is something that is of great interest to Hollywood though.

1. The Conjuring

Ed and Lorraine Warren were at one time the leading couple when it came to paranormal research and examined many upon many cases in which the occult was their chief goal to discover and figure out. This story was unlike many others as it’s said to have tested their resolve in a way that they had not experienced before, though the movie obviously changed a few things around and made it a lot more intense than real life events probably were. That’s the effect of Hollywood however, as it’s their job to make everything flash and creep a little more in order to get the people to watch.

Exorcism is a real thing in this world but it’s also something that’s not to be toyed with or even joked about when it’s really needed. The trouble is that if such a horrid thing does happen to a person that they need the exorcism it’s usually best to never speak of it, as words can give power to the wrong ideas.

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