Whatever Happened to Tom Anderson After Myspace?

Whatever Happened to Tom Anderson After Myspace?

The name Tom Anderson means something to you, even if you cannot remember where you heard the name before. Here’s a hint: He was your first online friend. That’s right, it’s Tom. Tom Anderson, the man behind MySpace. The social media networking site that made you choose your top 8 friends and leave the left out high and dry. The social networking site that was popular prior to Instagram and Facebook. He was your friend. He was there for you. He didn’t censor you or change the algorithm or make things complicated. He just befriended you and left you alone. We loved Tom. In the many years since MySpace seemingly disappeared and other social media sites took over, what happened to Tom?

Tom Turned 50

Before we get into what happened to Tom, let’s talk about what happened to Tom. He turned 50. That’s right, we said it. He’s 50. How is this even possible? His date of birth is November 8, 1970 – which means he recently turned 50. Our jaws are on the floor, too, you guys. He’s so much older than we remember him being, but that is what happens when decades fly by. Tom was only 33 when he began MySpace, which is why we remember him being so much younger.

He Faded into Obscurity

When MySpace fell to the wayside and Facebook took over, it was the likes of Mark Zuckerberg who became more famous than Tom. We all forgot about Tom Anderson when Zuckerberg came into the media spotlight and then refused to leave. Tom, however, kind of just fizzled out of people’s minds and memories, and we all sort of forgot about him. Not that we forgot about him as a general rule, but we just forgot what he did, and that he pioneered social media into a situation that changed the world.

He’s Living His Life

But, it’s not that he’s obsolete these days. He’s just living his best life out of the press and the media, and we cannot think of a better way to live it. He’s been working on a lot of things that interest him. Photography is something he’s spent a lot of time working on. Photography is so personal, and it’s so filled with perspective. When you take interest in photography, it’s something that you can never learn enough about. It’s ever-changing, it can be used in any capacity, and there are so many avenues you can take with photography. The fact that he has taken an interest in this type of hobby makes us feel he’s the kind of man who cannot stop learning. That’s a good thing, though.

Tom Anderson is also traveling. He’s got a lot of worldly knowledge from his time abroad. He’s spent a great deal of his time in many Asian countries, but he’s been using his time wisely while traveling. Learning new cultures, experiencing new situations, meeting new people, and doing things his own way. These are not things he’s taking for granted, either.

He’s Got Fans

He’s been trending a lot lately. In 2019, it was because he was photographed out and about with his girlfriend – though we have heard he is a single man at the moment. Maybe he’s dating, but it’s not to our current knowledge. He began trending again in 2020 when a fan on Twitter posted, “Remember Tom? Remember how he just sold his $500m share in myspace and retired so he could have a nice life? He never sold our date, never tried to influence elections, never lobbied against privacy legislations…what a man. Myspace was just too pure for this world,” is what @JackDMurphy had to say. Jack, you are spot on. Tom lived his own life. He made a lot of money, and he didn’t really care what the rest of the world was up to. He was an internet sensation who didn’t try to be every single thing, and we do miss Tom.

Tom is Happy

Alright, alright; Tom didn’t say that to us, but we can see it in his beautiful photographs online. We can see that in his simple life despite the fact that the man has an estimated net worth of around $65 million. He’s doing his thing. He’s minding his own business. And, he’s not worried about what is going on with the rest of us in a sense that he’s overstepping his role in our lives. Tom created MySpace, and he let us be ourselves. He knew he was the man behind the platform, and he was fine staying right there. He’s a rare gem in the world of technology and social media. We wish there were more Toms.

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