Whatever Happened to Lark Voorhies?

Describing how Lark Voorhies’ career has gone from start to present is kind of like trying to describe a rollercoaster ride with your eyes closed while trying to peek through your fingers from time to time and possibly seeing the most confusing bits more often than anything else. To date, it sounds as though she’s still working but but it would also appear that while she looks happy on Instagram she’s had kind of a rocky career throughout the years that hasn’t always been conducive to her health or to the image that she’s wanted to present to the fans. Anyone that knows her from Saved by the Bell understands that this was Lark’s real claim to fame since after the show she didn’t really go on to do much despite showing up in various other shows and movies and putting in an appearance that was largely forgettable. That might sound a little harsh to say but when compared to many of her costars she really hasn’t been heard from all that much in the years since Saved by the Bell was taken off the air. As far as the reunions go she hasn’t made that many of them and she hasn’t really done much that’s gained the kind of attention she used to get when she was younger and able to catch the eye of many a young man that was entranced by her on screen.

There’s also been a record of mental instability as she was diagnosed as bipolar at one point, which is enough to worry about anyone since it’s a condition that can make a person appear rather unbalanced at times and even a little nutty. There were also incidences during interviews when Lark would appear to lose her place, mumble to herself, and stare off into the distance as though trying to articulate just what she was trying to say. Then there were moments when in searching for the right word she became a virtual thesaurus of words as she fired them off one after the other in an attempt to explain how she had felt in the past or was feeling at the moment. In a big way Lark’s life appeared to be a series of ups and downs and twists and turns that didn’t have any easy way of being resolved other than to stay out of the public eye and allow things to just settle as they would. Unfortunately things didn’t exactly settle as she might have wanted them to.

At one point one of her ex’s decided to try and peddle an alleged sex tape that had Lark scurrying to clear her name and even saw her engage in slander of her own that later had her stating that her Instagram account had been hacked and the response had not been made by her. Unfortunately for Lark this is an excuse that many people have used throughout the history social media and a lot of people weren’t buying it whether it was true or not. Her ex however still considers her as a friend to this day and it would appear that things smoothed over eventually and went back to whatever constitutes normal as Lark’s career has been fairly steady even if a lot of people aren’t really certain of what she’s done in the last several years. There was a rumor that she had lupus at one point but that was chalked off as a bad makeup job, though her looks did appear to suffer after a while as it was clear that something was going on. Much of her appearance and her behavior has been attributed to the relationships in her life that have failed for various reasons and the stress this had put upon her, which isn’t hard to believe, but is still something that celebrities tend to deal with on a fairly regular basis.

Lark’s life appears to have gone all sorts of wrong with periods of right in it after her stint on Saved by the Bell since she’s been one of the many actors that has people wondering just what in the world happened to her since most of her costars went on to be known for one role or another in their careers but managed to stay firmly in the public eye for a good amount of time before settling into a groove that was either beneficial or controversial, such as Dustin Diamond, which is another story in and of itself. The hope of course is that Lark might one day return to prominence and become a part of the revived Saved by the Bell if only for a cameo here and there, but at this point it’s hard to say what will happen and what decision she’ll make based on her best interests.

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