Whatever Happened to Julia Duffy?

Whatever Happened to Julia Duffy?

It feels kind of mean to say that actresses like Julia Duffy were a dime a dozen back in the day, but the truth of it is that there were many women like her at one point and that feeling hasn’t really abated throughout the years. There’s always a new crop of actors ready and willing to come up through the ranks and take on the various spots that are there to be had by those that are skilled enough to take them when it comes to movies and TV shows. There are a few factors that set people apart from one another and one of them is staying power since those that stick around for long enough are either going to find their niche and stick with it in order to keep their career moving forward if not upward, while others might fall off after a few big hits or a few less than noticed appearances. Julia has been around for a good long while at this point and has been doing what she can to stay relevant enough to still have a place in show business. Thankfully for her, she has managed to make this work and has appeared in quite a few TV shows and movies, even if they haven’t all been that easy to notice.

The truth behind a lot of actors’ careers is that they’ll end up starring in shows and movies to keep themselves paid and in the loop, but a lot of people will lose sight of them and possibly forget that they’re still there. This is why we tend to ask what happened to certain actors, since there’s no telling if they’re still in the business or not, and finding out that they are is kind of an interesting surprise sometimes. There have been plenty of individuals that have retired and gone on to do something else with their lives, but there are still plenty of actors like Julia that have continued to make movies and star in TV shows to keep their paychecks rolling in and their reputation from fading entirely. Her time on the Newhart show was probably one of her biggest roles of all time since it helped to establish her as a serious actress and also built up her reputation as she became someone that people knew by name and by sight. After the Newhart show, she went on to take several other roles, one of which was on Designing Women where she replaced Delta Burke apparently.

She’s also been a stage actress on top of being a movie and TV star, so it’s fair to state that she’s a diverse and very interesting person even if a lot of people might have forgotten about her at this point. It’s hard to say such a thing about anyone in the industry since those that have lasted for so long in an industry that’s known for using people up before spitting them out are to be given some respect, but it’s the truth since there are simply too many names to be remembered in Hollywood, and trying to keep hold of even half of them is an effort in futility since trying to remember so many different actors circulating through the business over the years. Looking her up is easy enough at least, and finding out that she’s been keeping her career moving steadily forward is nice to see since it means that she hasn’t bowed out or allowed time and age to keep her down. The fact that she’s still active is kind of surprising given that asking anyone on the street who she is might be met with a blank stare, but it shows that this isn’t about to keep her down, which is easier to respect than about half the celebrities in Hollywood at this point considering that someone that loves what they do is easier to follow than someone that’s just there because they’re riding the wave of popularity at the moment. Having the kind of passion that allows a person to do what they enjoy without needing constant validation is nice since it makes it evident that a person can get by without needing to be in the public eye at all times.

Some folks might want to argue and say that she’d take the chance to be in a blockbuster movie or a top-rated TV show the first chance she was given, but that’s worth a good, hearty laugh to be certain. Of course, she would, most people would be glad to find themselves on the receiving end of a massive paycheck that they didn’t have to work themselves to death for, but the point isn’t always the hefty paychecks, sometimes it has more to do with the idea of just getting to do what you want while getting paid for it. Try telling me something better than that, I’ll wait.

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