Whatever Happened to Daphne Zuniga?

Whatever Happened to Daphne Zuniga?

Daphne Zuniga is still around but her best roles are kind of behind her at this point.  When she was young she was featured in a few movies that really helped define her as an actress and gave rise to a career that’s still going and is still kind of ‘meh’ in some cases but great in others. If there’s anything to say about Daphne it’s that she’s been around for a while and is perhaps one of those that has managed to stick it out the best of any actor in Hollywood. She doesn’t seem to have been caught up in any serious scandals or been through the ringer as many in Hollywood have with an unhealthy dose of drama that so many others deal with, and she’s been continually busy, so it’s easy to see that she’s one of the fortunate ones that, while not a superstar, is still in possession of a great career and a loyal following thanks to the roles that made her famous.

In truth she has aged but she’s stayed just as lovely as ever and has managed to hone her acting skills over the years.

Vision Quest

As a younger actress she was put into several teenage movies that ranged from the hack and slash variety to projects like Vision Quest where she played a more down to earth character. For a long time Daphne has been the kind of actress that allows people to see what’s going on with her character by wearing her emotions on her face and not being shy about expressing herself when it’s needed. While the movies from this era are a bit dated and don’t always translate well to the modern era they’re still enjoyable for those that grew up with them and can show a bit of history that younger folks today will never know. Plus it almost seems as though teenage films back in the day were something that was either out of control and completely insane or heartfelt and quite compelling stories that made you think.


This movie wasn’t really about thought, it was just about laughter and getting one gag after another to work. Mel Brooks is the kind of guy that throws a bunch of different jokes and gags in a pot and then sees what bubbles to the surface after a good boil. With Spaceballs he managed to make a movie that was given mixed reviews and didn’t take off immediately following its release. But eventually as the years went by people started noticing it more and more and eventually the movie gained a cult following that has become nothing short of impressive. In fact you might even hear people quoting the movie now and again since to be quite honest the movie is pretty funny. This scene alone is something that you can’t help but laugh at.

Melrose Place

She broke into the TV scene in the early 80s and then kind of went back to movies for a few years before making her way back to TV where she would start appearing on various shows for the next couple of decades. Her presence there was well-received and on Melrose Place she became yet another celebrity that got to come onscreen and add to the overall drama that the show was so well known for. Drama is definitely a great genre for Daphne as she excels at it and can play the parts she needs to very well. Some people have issues jumping between one genre and the next, but so far in her career she’s managed to make it work and has even gone so far as to appear on Melrose more than once.

Aside from her time spent as an actor she’s also become quite active in environmental conservation and educating kids on the danger of drugs and alcohol. She’s definitely become a positive role model in her time and has done whatever she can to help save the environment and make sure that future generations are aware of the risks and the possible futures they face if they decide to engage in self-destructive behavior. She’s done what a lot of celebrities try to do and has been doing down the right path for a long time now. There’s nothing much really to say about her career save for the fact that she seems to have done everything right and is going about it in a way that is not scandalous or even questionable. If you’ve followed her career you can see that for the most part the worst thing that’s happened to her is that she suffered mercury poisoning from eating too much sushi. Aside from that, if she’s done anything that’s not popular or conducive to her health it’s been kept on the down low.

It’s not often you get to talk about a celebrity in simple, glowing terms.

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