Whatever Happened to Jonathan Silverman?

Whatever Happened to Jonathan Silverman?

Whatever Happened to Jonathan Silverman?

Jonathan Silverman is an American actor who is best-known for a couple of movies from 1989 and 1993. First, there was Weekend at Bernie’s, which saw him playing one of two insurance company employees pretending that their corrupt boss is still alive after finding him dead at his beach house on Hampton Island. Second, there was Weekend at Bernie’s II, which saw him reprising his role from the first movie as the two insurance company employees attempt to use an undead Bernie find his embezzled funds with a lot of assistance from a voodoo queen. While neither of the two movies were well-received by the critics, they met with a fair amount of success at the box office, which in turn, meant a fair amount of prominence for Silverman.

Since that time, Silverman has continued appearing in what seems like a regular succession of movies, TV shows, and other media projects. For example, 1994 saw him appearing in a couple of movies called Teresa’s Tattoo and Little Big League in addition to a TV movie called Couples and a voice-acting role in an animated TV show called Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. Likewise, 1995 saw Silverman making a couple of appearances on both Friends and Caroline in the City, while also starring in his own TV show called The Single Guy that lasted for a total of 40 episodes. That turned out to be the TV show with which Silverman was involved for the longest time, with the runner-up being sixteen episodes on Gimme a Break!

What Is Jonathan Silverman Doing Now?

Silverman continues to have roles in movies, TV shows, and other media projects. For example, 2014 saw him showing up in not just a parody of The Hunger Games called The Hungover Games and the latest installment in the Beethoven franchise but also some other media projects that ranged from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit to a short-lived TV show called Significant Mother. Meanwhile, 2015 saw him as Dr. Happy Gardner on the TV show Getting On as well as a handful of other roles in other media projects, while 2016 saw him showing up in Castle, Baby Daddy, and Diani & Devine Meet the Apocalypse. The current year sees him just as busy, seeing as how he has had roles in Robo-Dog: Airborne, Rosewood, and Still the King, while four more roles in four more media projects have been confirmed to be either in the process of filming or in the process of post-production. Summed up, it is clear that Silverman has managed to receive busy when it comes to his professional life even if he hasn’t had another notable success like the two aforementioned movies.

In his personal life, it should be noted that Silverman has been married to Jennifer Finnigan since 2007. For those who are unfamiliar with that name, Finnigan is an actress who remains active in the entertainment industries as well. In fact, some people might recognize her from her role as Grace Barrows on Salvation, which is still being broadcast on CBS at the moment. Besides this, it is interesting to note that Silverman has been seen to support philanthropic causes as well, with a notable example being his participation in a 2004 campaign that saw both movie and TV personalities celebrating their Jewish heritage for the purpose of raising funds for Jewish federations. After all, Silverman is not just the son of a rabbi but also the grandson of a particularly famous rabbi named Morris Silverman, who was prominent in the Conservative Judaism of North America.

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