What We Learned from the First Fast and Furious 9 Trailer

What We Learned from the First Fast and Furious 9 Trailer

Somehow the Fast and Furious franchise has continued to amaze people even if they’ve had to go to massive lengths to do it. The movies have kept a fan base that’s known for being demanding and exacting throughout the years even with stunts that many rational, reasonable people should know are impossible in real life, and it’s done so with a very simple and hard-nosed style that has made no apologies and kept pushing forward throughout each story arc as the show continues to go on. This time around though things have definitely changed since from the opening of the teaser we get to see Dom and his son Brian, and Letty, living on a farm, well away from the fast-paced life of the streets. We can even hear Dom admitting that he can’t live his life a quarter-mile at a time any longer, which is a big indication that fatherhood has changed him in a very profound way, but not likely enough to keep him from being the hard-charging street racer that he’s been portrayed as for so long. After all, the kicker in the teaser comes when Letty gives the cross that Dom gave to her to Brian, telling him that it will protect him from ‘what’s coming’. How’s that for a lead-in? Thankfully as Ryan Scott of MovieWeb has stated we’ll be getting to see a full trailer soon that will likely give us more information that will keep the rumor mill going full tilt until summer when the movie is expected to come out.

So what’s coming? One can imagine that it’s not bound to be Deckard Shaw and his family as it would appear that the last movie saw Dom and Deckard finally bury that metaphorical hatchet when Deckard helped to save Dom’s son. The only real villain left on the docket would be Charlize Theron’s character, Cipher, who did manage to escape and is still on the loose with a very big grudge against Dom and his crew. A lot of the main cast will be returning to the fold in this movie it sounds like, with a couple of new faces hitting the screen as John Cena and Michael Rooker take on active roles in the story. Even Cardi B appears to be getting her time on screen while a few other new faces will appear. It doesn’t look as though Kurt Russell and Scott Eastwood will be making a return at the moment, but there’s always the chance for a cameo if those in charge deem it to be possible. Plus, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham will be sitting this one out as it was already deduced a while back thanks to their work on Hobbs & Shaw. Thus far we really haven’t gotten a lot of details on the movie but there’s enough bad blood between Dom and Cipher that it’s easy to think that she’ll be making a roaring comeback with a whole slew of new technological toys and a very serious debt to settle with the leader of the franchise.

Seeing Dom and Letty at peace, well away from the city with Dom’s son, no doubt also considered Letty’s son at this point, is an interesting development in the Fast and Furious franchise since it’s about as close as we’ve ever seen any of the characters being so completely removed from the life they were used to in the previous movies. It’s true that we did get to see Brian and Mia living the good life on a beach well away from anyone, but if there’s anything that’s been proven in these movies, it’s that one way or another the life is going to keep calling to the team and it will bring them back together one way or another since there’s always another job to be done even if it’s meant to be the last one. It does feel as though this movie might be happening at the same time as Hobbs and Shaw’s escapade which could be a perfect explanation of why they couldn’t join up for this next adventure, and it’s also easy to think why Owen Shaw, played by Luke Evans, wouldn’t be invited since there might still be hard feelings there, but it does appear that some of the new faces might be in response to the crew getting back together. That could be a leap of logic that doesn’t make as much sense as it did in my head, but given that the Fast and Furious franchise has made several such leaps throughout the years it’s still something to consider. Lauren Coates of Screenrant has more to offer on this line of discussion.

From the trailer it’s obvious, at this point, that Dom is at least trying to keep away from the fast-paced life and do right by his son and Letty, but as we already know, the life is always bound to keep calling.

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