What is Katie Leung AKA Cho Chang from Harry Potter up to Today?

What is Katie Leung AKA Cho Chang from Harry Potter up to Today?

Katie Leung probably stood out to a lot of people when it came to her role in the Harry Potter movies as Cho Chang since quite honestly she was one of the few individuals in the entire series that wasn’t of European descent. But it might also interest you to know that she beat out around 3000 other girls to earn her spot in the movies, which is no small feat any actor will tell you. Since her time in the Harry Potter films though she’s stayed somewhat busy as she’s been seen in film, TV, and theater as she continues to study and hone her craft. While she might not have cashed in as big as a few of those from the films she is still a face to be recognized and a talent that many people enjoy seeing now and again. Plus, there are still those that like to theorize what happened to Cho after the movies were all said and done with.

According to Science Fiction & Fantasy Cho ended up marrying a muggle, and it’s unknown whether she had much to do with the wizarding world after that since she wasn’t one of those seen on the platform at the end of the movie. If you think about it though her character had kind of progressed through a difficult arc during her time as she and Harry seemed to connect for a while after the death of Cedric Diggory. After she was forced to disclose the hideout of Dumbledore’s Army, as it was called, she was something of an outcast until it was revealed that she’d only done so when subjected to truth serum. After that she was accepted once again as there was nothing else to be done but add her among the ranks of those willing to fight against Voldemort and his forces. But Cho was kind of a tragic character since honestly she never seemed to fully fit into the story no matter that a lot of us wanted her to. She was kind of the variable that seems to stand out in any given equation and needs to be worked in somehow to really find a place.

Thankfully though she did become a part of Potter lore and Cho is still remembered fondly by many. After this role however however she did keep going and has had success in her life throughout the last several years. Much of what she’s done lately has been for TV but she has shown up in a few movies in recent years such as the Trainspotting sequel and The Foreigner. It might take a moment to really recognize her but once you do she’s hard to miss. It’d be nice to say that Katie is a rising superstar among her peers in show business but it’s far more fair to state that she seems to have a lot of potential and still needs the right push in the right direction. It’s not that she can’t do anything great, it’s that it seems as though she needs that one defining moment to show that she can transcend whatever role she’s been given and become someone that people are going to instantly look up to and want to revere as one of the greats.

The whole idea of putting her into the Potter movies worked on a level that added something else to the movies that was beyond the norm and seemed to push a boundary at that point without taking it too far and without understating the obvious. She was an Asian student in a predominantly European school, and yes, she did stand out, but in a very positive way since she was fully integrated into the school system and was seen as just another student. No one was marginalizing her, no one was mocking her, and no one was treating her any differently than they would the rest of the students. In fact this was one of the best examples of equality in film that one could ask for since it didn’t matter who a student was at Hogwarts they were treated about as equal as they could be, until it came to Harry of course, but that’s an entirely different discussion.

Katie’s career was essentially made by her role in the Harry Potter films but like several others she’s moved on to other things in her life as her career has continued to blossom. While it can be said that she’s not exactly a superstar at this point she is still a celebrity and still worth the casting when it comes to a role that someone feels she can cover. It is a hope that we’ll see more of her in the years to come since her acting talent is something that is fun to watch and easily good enough to contend with a lot of experienced actors.

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