Watch Nick Offerman Take Over Full House in This Crazy Mash Up

If you watched the video you can close your jaw now. Yes, feel free to laugh since this mashup of Nick Offerman taking over the Full House cast was nothing short of hilarious…creepy, but hilarious all the same. To be honest it wasn’t too bad until they got to the kids, and then it’s a big hope that you weren’t drinking or eating something since you might have choked or done a serious spit-take on account of the girls hitting puberty in a very early and weird way. There’s no denying that Offerman is a funny guy and probably cracked a smile at least when he saw this, but you can’t help but shake your head at the same time, while laughing of course, since someone went to at least a little bit of trouble to line his mustached mug up to the Full House cast in a perfectly absurd but insanely funny manner. It’s times like this I kind of wish I’d gone into a different field, but alas, it seems easier to enjoy than to actually do this kind of work.

In other words, it’s just a bunch of fun to watch. Offerman has been the kind of guy that you look at and wonder if you’re going to get a severe dressing down because you’ve said something utterly moronic or if he’s going to give you a speech on how to behave or be a decent person. When you get to listening to the guy however you quickly find out that he’s got a sense of humor that runs for miles and is so good at deadpan that he can tell a joke and leave you rolling while he doesn’t even crack a smile. That’s the talent this guy possesses and it’s nothing short of amazing since he can sit there like a rock and deliver one punchline after another and, if you’re lucky, he might find something simply too funny and crack up as has been known to happen. But otherwise he’s a blank slate sometimes to look at, but a seriously funny guy to consider when he gets on a roll.

Either Dr. Fakenstein really doesn’t like Full House and thought it needed an improvement, or he likes the show and Offerman and just wanted to have a bit of fun. You know, kind of like the person that thought chocolate and peanut butter went together, or maybe whoever came up with the idea of peanut butter and jelly in the same jar. Okay, not such a great example, but it’s a little closer to the idea of this video. It’s certainly a better idea than lamb and tuna fish. If you got that, thank you, you are from my generation. But all in all this video was something that you could only think should be followed up by a full episode of Full House, if it was possible, with nothing but Offerman filling in for every role as he was made to do in the opening credits. Just imagine seeing Uncle Jesse say “Don’t be cruel” while sporting the Offerman look, or Uncle Joey talking like Bullwinkle while the Offerman mustache trembled accordingly with each syllable. Try telling me that wouldn’t be funny and you might be trying to kid yourself.

The idea of trying it on Fuller House might not have the same impact since things have changed quite a bit, after all Aunt Becky is no longer there, wink wink, and a lot of the cast has come and gone since it started up again. It kind of depends on who you talk to, but a lot of folks would gladly say that Fuller House just doesn’t have the same impact that Full House did in its day, and they’d probably be right. Starting the show up again was a chance to bring almost everyone back and see just what had become of them, but without the full cast it didn’t really have the same feel to it. Things have got to move on eventually without a doubt and the kids had to grow up sometime, but overall the original show was just something that, until it got a bit annoying, was hard to beat or even match really.

But this takes the proverbial cake since almost anything Nick Offerman does is just gold and anything he touches or is a part of tends to become enhanced by his involvement. Of course he didn’t sanction this or even know about it until he saw it, but his approval is great and his desire for more mustaches is even better. With all the stuff going on in the news, the new TV shows coming out, and just basically every last bit of change that we have to deal with when watching TV these days, it’s nice to see something that makes us stop and have a good laugh.

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