Was Back to the Future Ii Unjustly Criticized to Be the Worst in an Epic Trilogy

credit: Back to the Future II

Back to the Future is one of the most influential films originating from the 80s with its incredible humor, sci-fi time travel plot, and a great cast. The film’s success inspired two sequels that eventually got similar success. However, upon release, the audience and critics didn’t thoroughly enjoy the second movie, and it still has the reputation of being the weakest link in an iconic franchise embedded in pop culture. Nevertheless, Doc and Marty inspired numerous spin-off projects. Despite being a not-so-great car, DeLorean got a legendary reputation, and the trilogy left a permanent mark in cinema history.

Why is Back to the Future II better than previously evaluated

The fun and up-tempo style of the first movie was replaced by a much darker and more serious tone in the sequel. The second installment digs deeper into the sci-fi part of the time travel idea. What can happen with time travel? Can you erase your existence and change the Future? These are questions that get disturbing answers in Back to the Future II. Marty and Doc accidentally create an alternative Future where Biff Tannen is married to Marty’s mom.

The plot line is much more diverse and includes extensive time traveling from present to Future, past, and back. The dark tone of an almost dystopian Future for Marty is too big of a burden for what was supposed to be a light sci-fi comedy sequel. But, the morals and consequences of time travel are a cautionary tale while also being impossible. It could be applied to other risky actions on the border of science.

Robert Zemeckis perhaps created a plot labyrinth too complex to make sense for the average viewer, but he also painted a bleak satire of society. He criticized pop culture and unscrupulous business people. The movie is still pretty fun, and it is always entertaining when we look at how people in the past envisioned upcoming years. A few hoverboards, and no flying cars yet, despite being well ahead of 2015.

credit: Back to the Future II

Modern critics would argue that Back to the Future II was somewhat ahead of its time, leading to a lukewarm reception. That said, the film had some apparent issues.

The movie did have some flaws

It’s one thing to end a TV show on a cliffhanger, and completely different to do it in a much-anticipated box-office contender. Many viewers were angry and disappointed. The original Back to the Future was a complete movie with a fitting end. Fans who binge-watch a trilogy won’t find the ending so troubling, and if looked as part of the bigger picture, the second movie looks much better as a standalone piece.

Probably the biggest issue with the second part of Doc and Marty time traveling adventures is the character creation or lack of any characterization. Marty McFly becomes almost a caricature, and Biff is an even worse one-sided monster. With so many plot twists and going back and forth, there was no time for more layered protagonists.

credit: Back to the Future II

We are introduced to Marty’s big pain point, which will be exploited in the movie and the trilogy’s final part. If you say chicken to Marty, he acts like a bull in front of the red flag. While we understand how ego functions, it is relatively shallow and trivial.

The movie explores alternate 1985, 2015, and the original 1955. Although you can view the nightmare present as a reminder not to play with things we don’t understand completely, the movie doesn’t follow through on either plot line. Subsequently, the film ends on a cliffhanger, so there is a lot on the screen, and nothing is finished with a defining closure.

Change of heart

Critics went from dragging Back to the Future II through the mud to proclaiming it one of the best sequels in movie history. With time distance, we can appreciate the movie’s thought-provoking time travel questions and doubts. The dire consequences of mistakes during time travel can be life-altering for generations. In addition, the film works perfectly as part of a trilogy. It is like a darker, more toned-down version of funny Doc and Marty adventures from the first and third movies, and it sets up Wild West rollercoaster in the trilogy finale.


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