Unreal Cockpit View Of The US Navy Blue Angels Team

Unreal Cockpit View Of The US Navy Blue Angels Team

Unreal Cockpit View Of The US Navy Blue Angels Team

Amazing as this is, and it really is, there’s still the thought that some folks would get sick with this image since the motion and the idea of movement would likely wreak havoc with their own sense of balance after staring at it for a few minutes. But the impressive nature of the stunt is enough to make some people wonder why in the world it’s confined to aerial acrobatics instead of combat. There’s one very obvious explanation and it’s probably something that people would think about quickly after hearing it. But the fact that the Blue Angels fly so close together for their stunts is insanely impressive, but it’s also something that would be a little too easy for enemy fighters to exploit since this kind of formation could be beneficial if there were a way to make it so, but otherwise, it’s a huge liability in a combat situation since damage from to one of the fighters could very well translate to collateral damage for the rest of them if the pilot of the damaged craft doesn’t peel off immediately. Added to that is another obvious idea that one big target is far easier to hit than multiple smaller targets. Coming together in a formation such as this for combat purposes would be a great addition to an anime or animated series since it could be made to look impressive and the laws of physics could probably be broken or at least bent in order to accommodate the move.

But the Blue Angels have been an astounding act for decades now, since the 1940s actually, and the stunning aerial acrobatics have amazed many upon many people throughout the years as they’ve put on one show after another. The view from inside the cockpit is something that many people might be excited to see since the exhilaration and experience of soaring through the air nearly wing to wing would be something that would likely take a person’s breath away. But these pilots have been doing this for so long that one has to wonder what the process is when it comes time to induct new pilots into their group and how often this has happened over the years. There’s no doubt that they’ve gone through a few pilots in their time as a well-recognized air show and have practiced so extensively that they’ve become prepared for what might happen should any accidents occur. Thankfully it’s bound to happen that they’re good enough at what they do that this isn’t much of a concern, but flying at the speeds they do and with the kind of precision that they require definitely requires years of training as well as the intimate knowledge of their craft and what it can do.

That might sound silly to some folks, but those that know as much as they can about the tools they use on a constant basis are usually those that know when something is wrong. Even if they’re not qualified to fix it, folks that understand their vehicles are those that know when something is off and needs to be fixed. It’s fair to think that each jet is given a look after every show, or at least that’s the hope since it would be kind of shocking to hear that the jets weren’t checked over between shows. Such procedures really need to be standard, and it’s no doubt they are since thanks to the absolute need for safety and security a jet would need to be checked out every time it lands and cleared before it takes off. Trusting your life to something this big requires a lot of care and quite a few safety measures that can’t be skimped on if one wants to come back in one piece. It’s enough to think that a commercial airliner needs to be checked out quite often, especially since the lives of more than just the pilots are at stake if something isn’t right. But something traveling at the speed that the Blue Angels do needs to be checked out quite often no doubt. In fact, there’s an entire manual that has to do with the procedures that are necessary for the Blue Angels and their aircraft to operate efficiently, and it feels easy to say that everything needs to be followed to the letter to ensure the safety of all those involved.

Some people enjoy the sound of jets roaring overhead, some don’t. Some appreciate a good air show, some couldn’t care less. But the thing is that acknowledging that it’s impressive and that the sight from within the cockpit is something to say ‘wow’ over is kind of hard to get away from considering that it’s just that awesome. However a person feels about the Blue Angels, acknowledging that they’re pretty impressive should be fairly simple.

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