10 Things you Didn’t know about Trent Berreta

10 Things you Didn’t know about Trent Berreta

The professional wrestling scene changed in early 2019 when All Elite Wrestling made its debut as the newest wrestling promotion. The company’s roster had a lot of independent stars, and the company immediately took a top spot. At the moment, it is one of the fiercest competitors of the World Wrestling Entertainment. Focusing on its stars, there is Trent Berreta. You may recognize him as being one-third of the stable, The Best Friends. He showcases his immense tag team experience alongside Chuck Taylor, and it is only a matter of time before they become AEW tag team champions. To give you a peek of who this pro wrestler is, we provide you with ten things you probably did not know about him.

1. Early Life And Youth

According to Pro wrestling Fandom, he was born Gregory Marasciulo on March 30, 1987, making him 33 years old at the moment. He spent much of his life in New York, having been born and raised in Mt. Sinai. At the moment, he resides in Rochester in New York. There are no details of his family or where he schooled.

2. Venturing into the World of Pro-Wrestling

Trent Berreta made the leap to be a professional wrestler when he was only 17 years old. He made his debut for New York Wrestling connection in July 2004, where he went by the ring name of Plazma. He featured mainly in single and tag team matches and went on to become the promotion’s first-ever Hi-Fi champion in 2006. It was also his first title in his career. Trent won both the tag team and the heavyweight title of the promotion before he announced his departure for WWE. This led to the vacation of the heavyweight title. He is a member of the New York Wrestling Connection’s hall of fame.

3. Signing With WWE

In the world of professional wrestling, it is every talent’s dream to sign with WWE. It is akin to playing in the major leagues as it is the crème of pro wrestling promotions and the most popular worldwide. Therefore, it was a dream come true for Trent when WWE came calling in 2007. He had several tryout matches and went by the name Greg Cardona. He signed a contract with the promotion and went to its developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). He took on the ring name Greg Jackson, later changing it to Trent Berreta then Trent Berreta. He formed a tag team with Caylen Croft, and the two went on to win the FCW Florida tag team championship.

4. Wrestling As A Drag Queen

During his initial days in FCW, Trent also took on the role of a drag queen. He wore a mask and took the ring name of ‘The Girl from Mexico.’ He had his eyes set on the Queen of FCW, though he got eliminated on the tournament by Angela Fong in the second round.

5. Departure From WWE

After featuring on the main roster briefly, Trent became a low-card wrestler and was used as a jobber to make established stars look stronger. He made appearances for NXT and had his last televised match aired on January 16, 2013, which was a disqualification win against Leo Kruger. He got his release on January 11, and according to his interview with Bleacher Report, he says he got fired because WWE officials did not buy into the character he pitched. After the release, he set his eyes on the independent scene.

6. Tag Team Specialist

For the most part of his career, Trent Berreta has been a tag team wrestler. Most of his championships have been in this side of pro wrestling. Some of the tag titles under his name include the New York Wrestling Connection’s tag titles, which he won with Maverick, Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s tag titles with Chuck Taylor and WxW’s titles with Matt Striker.

7. Accomplishments In Wrestling

Berreta is a talented wrestler, and this is evident by the many achievements he has in this combat sport. Aside from the tag team titles, he is also a one-time Full Impact Pro Heavyweight champion and the winner of the 2013 Empire State Wrestling Ilio DiPaolo Memorial Cup. In 2017, he had the number 91 rank in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s top 500 singles wrestlers.

8. Various Ring Name Changes

In pro wrestling, there is much focus on the wrestler’s gimmick aside from his or her wrestling skills. The ring name is a significant part of the gimmick that the wrestler takes. Berreta has had a lot of ring names in his career. He started with Plazma, shifting to Greg Jackson then to Trent Berreta. He has also gone by Ace Vedder and Trent? and by the tweaked version of Berreta, Berreta.

9. Social Media Presence

Trent Berreta is very active on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The latter two seem to be his favorite if you look at his activity and number of posts. On Instagram, for example, he has 48.5k followers and 990 posts currently. Most of the uploads are of him in the ring, with his friends or posters of his promotion’s events. He joined Twitter in 2009 and has 220.6k followers at the moment. He tweets on topics of sports, mostly revolving around professional wrestling.

10. In The Ring

Trent is very athletic and stands at the height of 1.88 meters and weighs 88 kilograms. He uses a springboard tornado DDT, also known as the Dudebuster DDT as his finisher in singles competition. Previously, he used the Crunchie, a back to belly piledriver. As part of Best Friends with his partner Chuck Taylor, they use the Strong Zero as their finisher. It consists of a belly to back piledriver from Berreta and a diving double foot stomp from Taylor.


Trent Berreta is a talented professional wrestler, currently part of AEW’s competitive tag team scene with his partner Chuck Taylor and close associate Orange Cassidy. Above are ten things about him that you would be interested to know if you are his fan.

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