I Totally Forgot that David Lynch was on “Louie” as Jack Dall

I Totally Forgot that David Lynch was on “Louie” as Jack Dall

Given that Twin Peaks is on again, the name “David Lynch” has become somewhat of a household name.   It feels like nearly every single day there’s news about him ranging from “he’ll never direct again” to “don’t count him out to direct another feature film or two.”  But one thing’s for certain, I think we can all agree it’s nice to not only hear Lynch’s name again but also to see him on screen.   Lynch has been doing some great work as Gordon Cole on the new season of Peaks and I forget just how awesome his comedic timing actually is.

Speaking of which, I feel bad about this, but I completely forgot that Lynch was on season 3 of Louie (the best season on my opinion).   Lynch played Jack Dall during the period when Louie was trying to take over as late night host for David Letterman.  Below is one of the scenes involving Lynch.

I absolutely loved this scene and when I look back I can remember watching it when it first aired and was amazed that Lynch was on Louie.   Louis C.K. is like Lynch in the sense that both are very creative and are fortunate enough to not have their artistic vision compromised on TV despite being unconventional.

Check out the scene below:

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