The Top Uses of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” In Movies or TV

In terms of how Shake It Off came to be, Taylor Swift was pretty straightforward and to the point. It doesn’t matter if you like her or not, the young lady’s got talent and she’s more than capable of showing it whenever she wants. The words that are spoken and written about people throughout the vast halls of social media and even in articles like these only mean something if a person allows them to. Swift has been criticized and placed under a magnifying glass since her career started to kick off and her best explanation, which is great by the way, is that she’s had to learn how to shake off a lot of it.

As far as explanations go you couldn’t ask for much better.

4. The Voice Kids

So they’re not perfect, big deal. They’re brave enough to be up on that stage and doing what they want as they belt out the words to a song that young girls have found to be one of their favorites over the years. That’s a lot more than some of us could say since I don’t think I’d be able to get within ten feet of that stage without my knees giving out on me. It’s enough to know that they’re having fun.

3. The Magicians

When you find out that the magic you read about and idolized for so long is actually real it would be bound to come as something of a shock. But learning that you could wield it and that it’s really a danger to the world as you know it might be a real turn off unless you could find a way to control it and possibly help others to understand just what it can do and why it’s so important.

2. Norm of the North

Norm is basically the hero of this story in that he wants to save his home from further development. To say that the story is a definite warning about how humans are trying to take over natural habitats of animals that needs their environment to survive is kind of obvious, but at least filmmakers know how to do this in a fun and innovative way. Unfortunately this film didn’t get a lot of attention, though it probably should have.

1. Sing

This has to be the best representation of this song since the entirety of Sing is all about letting go of what’s dragging you down and finally finding your own voice. Personally I relate more to Johnny and Ashe, but Gunther and Rosita are just fun to watch.

I never miss a beat. I’m lightning on my feet. That’s what they don’t see.

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