The Top Five Stone Cold Steve Austin Moments from the WWE

He’s one of the most awesome superstars to ever get signed by the WWE and the  great thing is that he helped to cement WWE’s status by becoming one of the best characters ever. There weren’t a lot of people on the roster that Stone Cold didn’t interact with on a regular basis, and some of the greatest were the Rock, the Undertaker, Owen and Bret Hart, and of course the boss, Vince McMahon. He was the reason why so many people tuned in to RAW so often back in the attitude era, and a big draw for new fans and old fans. His surly attitude and antics in the ring are a thing of legend and will go down as some of the greatest moments in WWE history.

When you hear that glass breaking it’s time to “gimme a hell yeah!”.

5. Stunner on Donald Trump

Almost nobody was immune to Stone Cold’s sudden change of mood when they were in the ring, NOBODY. It didn’t matter if you’d just shaken his hand or just won a tag team match with him, if he had reason to he’d do what he did best and plant you with a stunner right in the middle of the ring. I’m betting a lot of people would love to see this scene play out again today.

4. Hospital ambush on McMahon

You know that if someone did this in real life they’d be arrested on the spot, but Stone Cold’s long standing feud with the boss of the show was something to watch. It was amusing, it was ridiculous, and it was a regular occurrence that was in place for most of Stone Cold’s career. If he wasn’t tolerating Vince then he was actively trying to rile him up. That was the best part of their interactions.

3. Stone Cold vs. Booker T in the supermarket

When WCW was taking a nosedive their superstars started moving over to WWE because, quite honestly, they needed a job. But not all of the personalities got along so well. For instance, Booker T didn’t get along with a lot of people to start with, and the Texas Rattlesnake was one of them. This infamous fight in the grocery store didn’t end in Booker’s favor.

2. Beer bath

Stone Cold was always known to crack a cold one in the ring but this time he thought he would share. Prior to his match with the Rock at Wrestlemania he decided to commandeer a beer truck and drive it to the ring.  What he did next is still remembered in WWE today as he unhooked a hose on the side of the truck and proceeded to share a cold beer bath with the guys in the ring.

1. Stone Cold vs. Shawn Michaels for the belt

There was a lot of heat leading up to this match. Michaels was kind of a jerk when he was still working full time in the ring, and Stone Cold wasn’t much better. But between DX and Stone Cold a lot of people were rooting for Stone Cold. When he finally hit Michaels with a stunner and pinned him thanks to Mike Tyson it was one of the crowning moments of his career. Plus, Tyson knocking Michaels down only second later was pretty cool.

Even though he’s retired Stone Cold is still on the minds and lips of millions of fans as being one of the absolute best in the business.


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