The Top Five Jason Segel Yelling Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Jason Segel Yelling Scenes in Movies

Jason Segel is a funny guy and he’s made a successful career out of being the kind of amusing, snarky, but full of life character that people respond to and tend to like more often than not because he’s simply the personable kind of actor that you can see yourself hanging out with. His bouts of yelling are usually comical and even downright hilarious, though in one of these clips his voice raises only slightly but you can feel the intensity behind it. Even if he gets a little odd at times he’s still someone that seems cool and collected more often than not and could share a good time with just about anyone. Why you don’t see him that often anymore is hard to understand but watching him in film is still something of a treat.

Maybe he’s just taking a break for now?

5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Getting over someone that you’ve been with for more than a year or two is extremely hard since it feels like you’ve had your heart ripped out and thoroughly stomped on. But going through one night stands isn’t usually the way to go about it, and neither is trying to compete over who can make their date moan louder with pleasure. At least in the end Peter finds out just how he feels about Sarah and admits that he wants to be with Rachel.

4. The Muppets

I’m sure there’s a point to this film but in true Muppet style it seems kind of lost in the mix as they delve into song to explain just what it might be. Jason Segel as a Muppet is kind of a different image but also kind of disturbing in a way since his nose is just about as big as Burt’s from Sesame Street. Oh well, people seemed to enjoy it.

3. I Love You Man

His reaction to the guy that stepped in his dog’s mess would be perfect had he been in the right, but personally I think the chance of scaring someone off like this would be about fifty-fifty. Some guys might have just snapped a jab into his jaw when they saw him coming. That cocked fist didn’t look like it was about to do anything but shake and flail as he kept moving forward. But of course some people are easily intimidated.

2. Sex Tape

This is why you don’t tape your sexual encounters unless you happen to be selling them to someone that can make use of such footage. Also it might be good to realize that your account has automatic uploads and updates that don’t require you to do anything. Letting the whole world see you and your lady get down for an evening of pleasure is generally not what a lot of people would want unless they’re getting paid for it.

1. The End of the Tour

There’s only one moment in this scene when he appears ready to yell but he calms himself rather quickly as though yelling isn’t an option he wishes to explore. When you’re trying to explain yourself to dispel a rumor however that has plagued you for years it’s kind of easy to get worked up.

I see Jason Segel as more of a wildman yeller really.

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