That Time Millie Bobbie Brown was on Grey’s Anatomy

That Time Millie Bobbie Brown was on Grey’s Anatomy

As the youngest star to ever be put into Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world, Millie Bobby Brown is certainly lighting things up as her career continues to climb ever upward. But if you can believe it, she was a virtual unknown only a few years ago when she first started out. There’s no real mystery as to how she got started. Her parents, being attentive and supportive of their third out of four children, managed to start taking her to auditions after recognizing that she had both talent and an ambition to act. From that point it was just a matter of time until she finally landed a part worthy of her already budding talents.

Her first role was as Alice in a spinoff that came from Once Upon A Time, while her next roles would take her to shows like NCIS and Modern Family. The last stop before being called up to fame however was on Grey’s Anatomy as young Ruby, a girl suffering a crisis after her mother has fallen unconscious. She has to perform a minor surgery with the help of the doctor over the phone, which is obviously a traumatic moment for anyone, let alone a child. Her mother ends up living however and she and the doctor share an emotional moment as she thanks him for his help. Now think about this, she had to first be noticed enough to land this role, and from there she had to live up to the hype of the show and the standards that its known so well for. A lot of fans of the show might have thought that she was a one and done face on the series, and they were right no doubt, but that wouldn’t be the last time anyone would hear from Millie.

Not long after that she was selected for the part of Eleven, the iconic young woman that became the potential doom and salvation of Hawkins. It’s very fair to say that her inclusion into the Netflix show was a big reason why it was such a hit, as the level of talent that she brings is great enough that it doesn’t need justification. Some people might have believed that she was a bit wooden in her delivery, but given the information that was given of her upbringing and the fact that her character has been kept in a lab for most of her life it’s understandable that she wouldn’t know how to react to the outside world. Brown gave a perfect rendering of what it might be like for a person that had been confined for so long to experience the wider world outside what she knew, and she continues to deliver spot on performances that are nothing short of awesome.

Fans are already salivating, not in a creepy way, about the coming of season 3 of Stranger Things as they think about what it might bring and who is being included into the mix. At this point her part in Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t even seem to matter to most people, but it was obviously the springboard she needed.

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