This Horror Movie Super-Cut to “Thriller” is a Must See

This Horror Movie Super-Cut to “Thriller” is a Must See

It’s that time of year when the things that go bump in the night are said to come out and truly terrify the living, but as anyone could guess, that saying as taken on an entirely new meaning over the years since those same things don’t always wait for Halloween to pour from the darkness, as any time of year is usually seen to be just fine when it comes to being terrified. But the Halloween season is definitely perfect since the evolution of the significant holiday has been building continuously through the years as the original meaning of All Hallows Eve has taken on a very different meaning to a lot of people. terror is the name of the game this time of year, and the closer we come to Halloween, the more likely it is that we’ll continue to see the old and new terrors that we’ve lived with for so long come together in a stunning miasma of horror that is accentuated perfectly by Michael Jackson’s song Thriller. The edit on this video was great since it featured quite a few movies that might not have even belonged together considering that some of them were action and not quite the same as horror movies. But hey, it worked.

People have been thrilled by horror movies for so long that it’s hard to remember a time when they didn’t enjoy a good scare now and again. But what is easy to note is that the scares have only grown more intense as the years have gone by and the effects have improved from one movie to the next. CGI has taken the place of a lot of practical effects, but those that know how to use such effects are still successful most times since the art of it and the use of practical means on a movie set is sometimes a little more cost-effective and gives at a hint of realism that CGI can’t always grant. Thankfully there are plenty of people that enjoy the story and can sometimes look past the effects since horror stories are ingrained in our society and are seen as fairly important as a part of pop culture since they usually carry a lesson of some sort no matter how gory or disgusting they get. The lessons might be a bit dramatic and they might even be over the top quite often, but they’re still in there regardless since they’re all about teaching people the distinction between right and wrong and that it’s not always so cut and dried. There are examples after all.

Freddy Krueger is a good one since he was made out to be a seriously evil individual before he was killed, but was even worse once he was dead since he could strike at people through their dreams. This could be a lesson that true evil never really dies, or it could be a lesson in karma to show that committing evil acts doesn’t go without punishment even those acts are to dispel evil. Hey, I’m just spitballing here. Jason Voorhees is another story that focuses on irresponsibility since Jason was left to drown by a bunch of young counselors that weren’t paying attention to him, which resulted in his accidental drowning. Admittedly, his mother went berserk in the first movie, but Jason took up where she left off not too long after. There are horror villains that don’t impart a lesson in their story but still argue for common sense in the face of sheer terror since with Child’s Play one should think that if a doll starts talking to you and threatens to kill you then it’s time to take it apart piece by piece until it ceases to function. When it comes to each and every movie monster there’s usually a weakness of some sort, as this is a natural balance to ensure that chaos and evil don’t receive free reign to just run rampant as it will. There have been movies when the situation has become utterly hopeless, like the remake of the Dawn of the Dead, but fans tend to enjoy movies where the bad guy or the protagonists are allowed some measure of peace at the end since they’ve already been through so much.

But the idea that sometimes things don’t work out right, or that the evil is still around, is a pervasive idea since it doesn’t let people off the hook as much and makes it clear that as it is in the real world, where evil is still present no matter how much good we do, it’s bound to happen this way in the movies as well. After all, whether we like it or not, there are balances in this world that are continually shifting which makes it less than possible to imagine a world without some type of horror that lurks in the night.

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