This Historic Final Fantasy Chocobo Cosplay Has to Be Mentioned

This Historic Final Fantasy Chocobo Cosplay Has to Be Mentioned

This Historic Final Fantasy Chocobo Cosplay Has to Be Mentioned

For all those that don’t know what a Chocobo is the explanation is pretty simple, it’s a big yellow bird that runs wild in several Final Fantasy movies and can be found in large numbers in some areas, and tends to be used as a pack animal or a mount in a lot of places since they happen to be very strong, quick, and fairly intelligent. But the level of skill that went into this cosplay is just amazing since it looks as though someone could sit astride this Chocobo and head off into one of the many games that these birds have been found in. Those that have been playing Final Fantasy for a while will no doubt be able to tell anyone just which games are their favorites when it comes to Chocobo’s, while some might actually not care for the birds even though they come in handy at times since their feathers have special properties when used with various characters and apart from that, their running and jumping abilities are amazing considering that they can cover wide gaps and glide for a certain distance by flapping their small but powerful wings. Their kicking power is insane since they can strike with a great deal of force, and yet trying to catch one is a little difficult since as I mentioned above they are fairly intelligent.

Personally, I enjoyed seeing them in Final Fantasy X (10) since they weren’t an overwhelming presence in the game but they were definitely seen in almost every land and were incredibly useful since they could allow a player to cross the area known as the Calm Lands without picking up any random encounters, which is great when you’re just making your way through. Plus, there is a hidden temple in the Calm Lands that can only be reached by Chocobo where the group encounters and gains a few powerful aeons after battling the unsent spirit that challenges the group’s summoner. If you’re lost don’t worry, the game is a lot of fun but it’s not for everyone, and for those feeling adventurous it’s actually pretty easy to learn since there are plenty of tutorials that make certain that a player won’t be too lost. But Chocobo’s are definitely a noticeable part of the game, and while some of them might actually appear kind of like this, the birds have evolved and changed throughout their many appearances, but never so much that they can’t be recognized. As the technology being used for each game has improved, so too have the appearances of the characters and creatures in the games. The fans have appreciated it for the most part, and this kind of cosplay a great way for this fan to make certain that people know of their love for the games.

Final Fantasy X even has a regiment known was the Chocobo Knights, who ride Chocobo’s into battle, with full armor on any part of the bird that can handle it since one can imagine that armoring them up like a horse wouldn’t be too wise since they need to be able to run. But still, the effect is pretty cool when it’s seen. Final Fantasy has been around for a while now and the Chocobo first showed up in 1988 in Final Fantasy II, which was kind of a confusing game to a lot of players but was still something that they were willing to endure since it came with plenty of positives as well as the irritating negatives. The Chocobo has been evolving since then and as the graphics have improved the ostrich-like birds have continued to get better. Some folks would actually be happy to see them get kicked out of the game, but considering how much use they’ve been and the fact that they’ve been around so long it’s not bound to happen since it would be taking a key element out of the game that people would likely miss very quickly. With that being said, it’s amazing to think that someone went to this length to create a Chocobo that is so insanely impressive.

The work that was put in on this thing had to take a while since the attention to detail on both the bird and the harness is simply amazing. From the coloring to the overall look this Chocobo might be ready to get up and start running if possible. The only thing that might be kind of a problem would be where to keep this work of art once its use had come and gone since tearing it down doesn’t sound like it would be a lot of fun or particularly easy. It would also be a shame since tearing this down would be kind of a waste. But as a showpiece, it would need a pretty big corner all to itself.

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