5 Compelling Reasons to Watch Amazon’s Absentia

5 Compelling Reasons to Watch Amazon’s Absentia

5 Compelling Reasons to Watch Amazon’s Absentia

Amazon's New Show Absentia


Amazon’s new show Absentia is a thrilling, character-driven series that has already captivated audiences worldwide. With its streaming debut on Amazon on February 2nd, here are five compelling reasons why you should add this show to your must-watch list.

1. Global Success and Buzz

After making a splash at the Monte Carlo TV Festival in June, Absentia has already aired in several overseas markets, debuting at number one in Spain, Portugal, Romania, and Poland. The Canadian premiere on the Showcase network also garnered impressive ratings. With a worldwide buzz surrounding the show, it’s time to join the conversation.

2. A Gripping, Character-Driven Thriller

Absentia follows the story of FBI agent Emily Byrne (Stana Katic), who disappears while hunting a notorious serial killer and is declared dead. Six years later, she is discovered alive but with little memory of her captor. As Emily unravels the mystery of her abduction, she finds herself the prime suspect in a series of shocking new murders. The show explores themes of relationships, love, and personal resilience, making it an inspiring and captivating watch.

3. Cinematic Quality

Shot on location in Bulgaria, Absentia boasts a cinematic feel that sets it apart from typical TV studio productions. Director Oded Ruskin (False Flag) helmed all ten episodes, ensuring a cohesive visual style throughout the series. The show was also filmed out of story order, further contributing to its movie-like quality.

4. A Stellar Cast with Fresh Faces

Absentia features a talented ensemble cast, including familiar faces like Stana Katic (Castle), Ralph Ineson (Game of Thrones), Patrick Heusinger (Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce), Neil Jackson (Sleepy Hollow), and Cara Theobold (Downton Abbey). The show also introduces American audiences to international stars like Bruno Bichir and Angel Bonanni, as well as young talent Patrick McAuley.

5. Stana Katic’s Powerful Performance

Amazon's New Show Absentia

FBI Agent Emily Byrne (Stana Katic)

Stana Katic’s portrayal of Emily Byrne is a tour de force, showcasing her range and talent in a role that is both physically demanding and emotionally complex. While her previous character, Kate Beckett from Castle, was a fan favorite, Katic’s performance as Emily Byrne is a standout that could potentially earn her Emmy recognition.

Conclusion: Don’t Miss Amazon’s Absentia

Absentia offers a unique and captivating viewing experience, with its strong ensemble cast, gripping storyline, and cinematic quality. Stana Katic’s powerful performance as Emily Byrne is reason enough to tune in, but the show’s exploration of resilience and survival adds depth and intrigue. Don’t miss out on this must-watch series.

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