The Terrifier Franchise and Art the Clown, Explained

The Terrifier Franchise and Art the Clown, Explained
Terrifier Art the Clown

Credit: Terrifier/Dread Central

Recently Terrifier 2 was released and introduced horror fans to the next big bad horror villain with Art the Clown. This truly murderous, bloodthirsty clown wasn’t just merciless killing but also a unique storyline that transcended previous horror attempts in the modern film era. Clowns have always been a key element to horror films, especially in the older days of horror, and haven’t slowed down with a rise in coulrophobia since the fear of clowns such as Pennywise and the clowns of Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Still, Art, the Clown in the Terrifier franchise, has set the bar to new levels for future horror installments focused on killer clowns. Below, we’ve detailed the Terrifier franchise and Art the Clown, the villain of the series, as well as his first appearance before Terrifier.

Art the Clown blood horror

Credit: Terrifier/Dread Central

Art the Clown

Art the Clown, the newest killer clown in the world of horror, although the trend may be rising with the reboot of Killer Klowns From Outer Space as a video game announced recently, got his recognition from the surprise cult following that came with Terrifier. Still, the character got his start before the Terrifier franchise introduced the character to wider audiences. The original film that Art the Clown appeared in was from the same director that created Art the Clown, the Terrifier franchise, and the short films that came before it that made up the feature film debut of Art the Clown in All Hallows’ Eve, an anthology film. The two short films from the same director that introduced Art the Clown were the short film, The 9th Circle and a short film origination of Terrifier before it was made into a feature film of its own. All were created, produced, and directed by Damien Leone and featured Art the Clown, except for the All Hallows’ Eve sequel All Hallows’ Eve 2, produced by Damien Leone and brought together segments from five other directors. Everything before Terrifier, including Art the Clown, featured the murderous clown portrayed by Mike Gianelli. Still, as he quit acting before the Terrifier franchise, in Terrifier and Terrifier 2, Art the Clown was portrayed by David Howard Thorton.

horror clown mime

Credit: Terrifier/Dread Central


Terrifier was not only the start of David Howard Thorton’s role as Art the Clown but also Terrifier as a franchise and the expansion of how deep Art the Clown’s madness was. Throughout each reference to Art the Clown in everything he’s been featured in, the character has always mysteriously survived death, even when seemingly taking his own life. Terrifier follows Vicky and her sister, as well as other characters murdered viciously by Art the Clown throughout the film. While several people were killed in various ways throughout the film by the now-famous clown in surprisingly unique ways, it was Vicky and her sister whose lives were most obstructed by the malicious clown. By the end of the film, which was highly regarded for every aspect, except for dialogue, it was revealed that the beginning of the film and end correlate with the same victim, Vicky.

Art the clown Terrifier

Credit: Terrifier/Dread Central

Terrifier 2

While Terrifier 2 was next in the growing Terrifier franchise, it didn’t leave its main attractions, Art the Clown and Vicky, out of the murderous carnival as they were showcased throughout the Terrifier sequel. Although Vicky was in the sequel and Art the Clown, the sequel’s main character was newcomer Sienna Shaw, her family, and various others murdered in now-classic Art the Clown tactics. Interestingly, Chris Jericho, a former professional wrestler, appeared in the film as a nurse and came only second in surprise appearances, behind the references and end-appearance of Vicky. Throughout the sequel, Art the Clown is equally terrifying and in new ways compared to previous appearances of Art the Clown, such as pouring black and salt into open wounds. The first movie went mostly unknown to audiences before the release of the first, outside of Netflix, since Terrifier 2 allegedly caused audience members to vomit and faint. Much of Art the Clown’s past was illuminated to the viewers and the characters of the film that were most in tune with the actions of Art, such as Jonathan, who had become obsessed with the murders of Art in his hometown the year before. From The Little Pale Girl to the killing and constant rebirths of Art the Clown throughout the Terrifier sequel, as well as the link to Art the Clown and the sword and journal of Jonathan’s dad’s about the murders, the history of Art was much more detailed throughout the second film of the Terrifier franchise.Chris Jericho, a former professional wrestler

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