The Five Worst Liam Neeson Movies of His Career

The Five Worst Liam Neeson Movies of His Career

It’s tough pointing out the worst movies of any actor sometimes, especially if that actor happens to be well-liked by a lot of people and has proven themselves more than once in their career. In fact, some of the movies on this list might amaze and possibly confuse a few readers if only because Liam Neeson is the type of guy that people love to watch since he’s had enough success that he’s believed to be someone that’s worth watching. But like a lot of other actors, he’s had a few misfires here and there, movies that didn’t really turn out to be what people wanted to see, and even a few remakes that didn’t even come close to hitting the mark when it came to pleasing fans of the originals. He’s a great actor and there’s nothing to take away from him in listing his worst movies, but it is a possibility that people will see that he’s not infallible, as was already made obvious at certain points in his career. Like a lot of other actors, he’s taken on roles that he probably should have left alone, but a job is a job and the gamble that it might turn out to be something great is usually worth taking

Here are a few of Liam Neeson’s worst movies.

5. The Haunting

This one is kind of hard to put on the list simply because it had so much potential and was built around a great story that still holds up today according to many people. Granted, the original and its effects aren’t quite as useful any longer since they don’t really wow the audience any longer. But whatever this movie had to it was kind of wasted in bad CGI and poor acting that was really underwhelming in some ways. With the new technology, the big hope was that the terror would continue to build and build until the audience was about to wet themselves, but it feels as though things fell pretty flat right at their peak.

4. Battleship

This movie was utterly confusing in one aspect; it was supposed to be based on the popular game, and yet it was nothing like it. Plus, Neeson’s character was pretty unlikable for the most part since he was sidelined early and was kind of a pain in the backside when he was around. This is one role he could have phoned in to be certain and it wouldn’t have made a difference since his character wasn’t really needed for a lot of the movie and ended up being kind of an annoyance that was used to close out the movie and could have been played by someone that was more of a throwaway character than Neeson.

3. Clash of the Titans

It’s not really Neeson’s fault that this one didn’t work since the dialogue, the effects, and the overall manner in which the story was put together that really crippled this movie. The actors weren’t that bad, the story could have been better, and the dynamic between the characters was a huge, kind of messed-up affair that really didn’t work the way that it should have. Those that watched the original were shaking their heads through a good portion of this movie since even with simpler effects the original was actually a little more convincing than the remake in a lot of ways.

2. Men in Black: International

This is a good example of when a movie franchise should have ended with the second or third movie since nothing has really come close to the first movie since Men In Black was first created. Taking things this far could have worked if the original formula had been used a little more. But the thing about movie franchises such as this is that they tend to think that getting bigger and better is always the way, when sometimes trying to let the work tell the story without going too far out there can be the way that will work the best. Unfortunately, this movie just couldn’t match up to the others.

1. Satisfaction

At one point in his career, Neeson was the guy that you might not have given a lot of attention to since he was relegated to the boyfriend role or someone that was there but wasn’t really that important. This movie that showed him as a band manager wasn’t much different since it didn’t give him too much importance and found him kind of floundering about throughout a good part of the movie and otherwise turning in a part that didn’t feel like it was bound to go anywhere special. If this had happened through the rest of his career you can imagine that he wouldn’t have become nearly as big as he has.

Liam Neeson is fun to watch, but action movies are what really made him great.

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