The Five Best Zach Galifianakis Movies of His Career

In the history of movies there are those actors that you look at and kind of have to wonder how they ever caught on. Then you watch them and you figure it out very quickly since folks like Zach Galifianikis are genuinely funny but in a different gear than some folks might be used to. He can do slapstick all day but he’ll still put his own spin on it that makes the comedy into something other than what you were expect. On top of that, Zach is quite good at drama though it feels a bit uncomfortable at times, as though you might feel the need to laugh at any moment but you don’t dare since it might prove to be a moment that’s supposed to be sincere instead of hilarious. With that being said though he’s a funny guy that will defy expectations when it comes to comedy and can make a person do a double-take when it comes to things that he says.

Here are a few of his best movies.

5. Masterminds

Based on an actual robbery this comedy seems anything but a well-planned heist since there’s just too much hilarity involved in order for it to have gone off without a hitch. Plus, when you bring Zach in for a part like this you can’t help but think that things are going to go south in a very big hurry since he often plays a very self-important character that tends to think too highly of himself and only at the very end tends to become aware that others don’t think that much of him. Of course in this movie he does come out on top which is great since the partner he teamed up with for the heist proves to be kind of a jerk.

4. Are You Here

Ever notice how Zach plays emotionally-disturbed characters that have no idea what to do with the wealth they either have or inherit? In this film his father passes away from old age and leaves him just about everything, which is akin to leaving a young child a fortune. He has no idea how to handle it though he does have an innovative idea that isn’t quite fleshed out enough to really be solid enough to be called a ‘good’ idea. When he grants his sister the control of their family’s store she tears it down, and when he grants his best friend and roommate control of the family farm his friend realizes that he’s become his own crutch since he’s so used to helping him out in life.

3. Due Date

When it comes to traveling cross-country flying is usually the method that people prefer, but if you have to drive then so be it. But driving with someone that annoys the living hell out of you is something that most people would want to avoid since it can make a long trip even longer. And when you’re trying to hurry along because you’re anticipating the birth of your child you really don’t need someone in your ear spouting nonsense. Yet for all that the two men that dominate the movie do eventually grow to be close and could even be called friends by the end credits, though it was a long, long trip to that point.

2. Dinner for Schmucks

If such moments as these were ever to happen in real life then the human race would surely be in grave danger of slipping down the evolutionary ladder. To think that folks exist that are, well, gifted but somehow clueless, is strange enough for a world like ours, but to think about the people that like to take advantage of them and use their quirks for their own amusement is even worse. At the very least Paul Rudd’s character does snap out of his snobbish behavior and does let the secret out that this dinner is to make fun of those that were invited. From that point on hilarity ensues, and it’s nothing but fun.

1. The Hangover

Alan is that guy that never grew up because he was either never forced to or because something in his brain said ‘nuh-uh, I’m staying at this level’. Strangely he can function as an adult at times but his childish impulses tend to take over more often than not. The only downside of this, well, the one BIG downside to this, is that he has to pay the price occasionally and he’s never ready to do so. Take this clip for example. One punch from Mike Tyson could probably knock a lot of people out if it landed, but the reason behind it isn’t discovered until later when it’s seen on security camera footage that Alan peed in Tyson’s pool the night before.

He’s not what you would call a conventional comedian and that really seems to be his whole gimmick. It works though.

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