The Five Best NAVY Seal Movies of All-Time

The Five Best NAVY Seal Movies of All-Time

Zero Dark

The Navy SEAL teams that have existed in some form for quite some time but didn’t really get their name until several decades ago when JFK was still in office. At that time they were still known as special forces but hadn’t yet picked up the title that would come to impress a great many people and depict them as the specialists they truly are. The individuals that train to become SEALs are some of the most hardened and impressive folks in the world since their training is extensive enough that many drop out of the program during training and only the very best make it through. That being said, any movie that depicts the SEALs typically needs to do so with a certain amount of respect and accuracy that allows those that serve the honor of being looked at not as supermen, but as individuals that have given up a great deal for their country.

Here are some of the best SEAL movies ever made.

5. Act of Valor

This is a film meant to hit you right in the feels since quite honestly it’s a testament to the Navy SEALs that have dedicated their lives to their country and safeguarding its people and interests throughout the years. When two terrorists combine their efforts to bring the US to its knees in a worse manner than 9/11 the SEALs are deployed to take them down following the rescue of a CIA operative. Throughout the course of the movie the terrorists are forced to flee until a final showdown occurs that forces both sides to incur heavy losses and yet finally eliminates the threat of the terrorists.

4. Navy SEALs

This was more of a fun movie than anything given over to being kind of over the top and allowing Charlie Sheen’s character to go a bit nuts at times when he should have been following orders. That being said however it was at the time considered to be one of the best movies around when it came to the depiction of Navy SEALs in action. Now that other films have joined the queue it’s easy to see that it’s a little more fantastical than a lot of people thought early on. It still has to be said however that it was entertaining at the time and did manage to showcase a few great ideals that the SEALs still practice.

3. Lone Survivor

Marines don’t generally take too kindly to anyone that kills other Marines while thinking they can get away with it. This movie was based on an actual story written by a factual account and is the tale of four SEAL team members that were sent in to take out a Taliban leader. Their mission went awry obviously but the fight they had to endure to make sure that at least one of them survived was horrendous and even by the standards of a movie was also quite grueling. What this shows is that SEAL’s, despite being insanely tough and weathered for any situation, are still very human at their core.

2. Zero Dark Thirty

This movie carries a lot of weight in America since the emergence of Osama Bin Laden was considered to be a blight on humanity for many people and a death that couldn’t have come soon enough for a lot of Americans. Barbaric and bloodthirsty as it might sound the cost of finally putting Osama down was something that many thought was worth it despite how high it became. The toll this took on those that actually lived through the days leading up to his demise and those that were affected by it in the most personal of ways is clearly shown in the movie, but it’s also something that echoes among those who had to bear witness to such times.

1. American Sniper

Chris Kyle’s name is likely going to go down in history either as a legend, a hero, or something else depending on who you talk to. As one of the greatest snipers in the world he’s become known as one of the deadliest men that ever lived. The movie however does go into more than just his skill with a rifle as it also shows him as a human being and depicts the many things he went through during his time spent in service to his country. From the hard decisions he had to make to the controversial shots he had to take Chris became an icon to many and something else to many others. That being the case he’s also seen as an American hero, albeit one that was more than a little troubled and was given a less than satisfactory end. Likely as not he will still be remembered as a hero to many, as it should be.

This Memorial Day be thankful for the men and women that serve this country.

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