The Five Best Michael Douglas Movies of His Career

The Five Best Michael Douglas Movies of His Career

The Five Best Michael Douglas Movies of His Career

Michael Douglas is one of those actors that seems to get better as he gets older despite being pretty good when he was still somewhat younger. He also doesn’t seem to age like others considering how many movies he’s made that show him looking almost exactly the same. Hooray for Hollywood effects, right? Regardless of that he’s been a great entertainer for many years and has put out some quality movies that people have taken to heart and watched multiple times. One thing you can count on with Douglas is that he’s going to be playing a character that’s pretty interesting or just flat out ruthless in one way or another. There’s not a lot of middle ground with him and even if there is the situation he finds himself in is anything but neutral. In other words, if the man’s role isn’t the most aggressive part of the movie, then the situation he finds himself in will be.

Here are some of his best movies.

5. Falling Down

How many people have just felt like flipping out now and again? The pressures of work, of society, or of just getting from the office to home and vice versa sometimes seem insurmountable and too difficult to even comprehend. But there’s stress and then there’s the kind of flip that this character experiences since he not only gets out of his car and leaves it during gridlock one day, he goes on a tear from the crowded street throughout the neighborhood, smashing up convenience stores, terrorizing a fast food joint, encountering and scaring off gang bangers, and then somehow not getting shot in a drive-by. His day might start out pretty bad but by some stroke of dumb luck he ends up walking through situations that might kill most people.

4. The Game

What do you get for the man that has it all? Why, a game that will turn his life upside down of course. You would seriously have to sit down and have a heart to heart with your sibling if they ever did this to you just to make sure you got some enjoyment out of life. A nice cruise, a pleasing night out on the town, even a vacation to some exotic locale, all of these would be preferable to having your life seemingly ripped apart and your very grip on reality torn to shreds in order to get you to experience what it’s like to actually live and deal with a preset number of situations and their consequences.

3. Don’t Say A Word

How far would someone go to get their kid back? In this thriller Douglas plays a character that has to try and help a young woman regain a memory from her troubled youth that will help a gang of thieves retrieve a valuable item that they stole years before. Unfortunately they’ve also got his daughter as collateral to make sure that he doesn’t go to the police, which raises the stakes quite a bit for both sides. When faced with the proposition of harming others in order to get what the bad guys want however, it needs to be assumed that a lot of parents would find some way to save their kid and possibly punish the abductors.

2. Disclosure

This movie is kind of perfect for the current era we live in since the moment a man cries rape or even harassment it’s almost never believed. It’s not a common thing obviously and men playing the role of the victim is not something a lot of guys will own up to willingly. But women that believe that this gives them power over men are unfortunately bound to give other women a bad reputation. While it is true that women have suffered long enough and have earned their rightful place in this world, there are some that at times seem to decide that their place affords them certain rights that weren’t okay for men and shouldn’t be okay for them either.

1. Wall Street

Greed is good, unless it ends up getting a person in major trouble with the authorities. In that case there’s only so much that money can do when those that have been defrauded or in any way harmed by greed are calling for reparations and even blood in some cases. Bud idolizes Gordon Gekko for many reasons, but when he discovers just what Gekko is all about he comes to realize that his idol isn’t exactly a decent person and cares about absolutely no one but himself. Of course with someone that has the idea that they have the world on a string it’s easy enough to let them engineer their own downfall.

Michael Douglas can play a very ruthless and unforgiving character, but in the same breath he can also be quite compassionate and even fun.Michael Douglas

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