The Five Best Friendships in Marvel Movies

The Five Best Friendships in Marvel Movies

Marvel movies tend to be based around a lot of individuals that have eventually been pulled into one group or another or left to their own devices. But the one thing that’s been prevalent in several of them is that they do have at least one buddy/buddy relationship that tends to stand out for a brief moment or throughout most of the movie. Some of them are a matter of convenience and others are relationships that have existed for years before the movies ever came about, as they were friendships that started with the comic book characters that the actors represented and ended up being worthwhile to put on film since they worked so well. With a few of them, it’s pretty obvious that there’s a stronger friend and a friend that’s a little harder to trust since opposites still do attract at times, but with each friendship, it’s very obvious that the two involved are there for each other as much as they can be since there’s a bond that goes way beyond just enjoying each other’s company.

Here are a few of the best friendships in Marvel movies.

5. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes

In the beginning, this was kind of a one-sided friendship since Bucky was the tough guy and Steve was the 98 lb. weakling that couldn’t impress the girls and couldn’t even win a fight. But once he became Captain America things changed in a big way and he became the guy that everyone wanted to know while Bucky had to step into his shadow a bit. But when push came to shove in the movies, even after his brainwashing, Bucky managed to remember that he and Steve were good friends, and as dangerous as he felt that he could be, he was still there to answer the call when it came time to go back to war.

4. Peter Parker and Ned Leeds

This almost feels like one of those high school friendships that might change after graduation since Peter is bound to gain more confidence in himself at some point and his superhero lifestyle is also bound to make this relationship change after a while. But at the moment Peter and Ned are the kind of friends that are bound together by a shared interest in a lot of things and the idea that Ned knows who he is and isn’t about to tell anyone, at least not on purpose. After high school though it’s still kind of easy to think that Ned and Peter might eventually go their separate ways since that’s how things tend to happen sometimes. But hey, I could be wrong.

3. Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton

These two are very good friends that have been through a lot together and share a good number of memories that have to do with warfare and situations that might not be as memorable to some people. But the bond that they’ve formed is one that many warriors and survivors tend to feel towards each other since it means that they’ve seen things that many average people could never possibly fathom and they’ve managed to survive things that would kill lesser individuals or drive them mad with the nightmares that come as a result. The fact that they’re still good friends after Civil War says a lot.

2. Tony Stark and James Rhodes

This has definitely been a kind of love/hate/irritation relationship since Tony is, well, he’s Tony, and James has had to put up with him for a long time obviously. But somewhere along the line the two of them started to value each other’s company and despite the intense irritation that Rhodey feels every now and again, on a daily basis likely, he’s still there by Tony’s side doing what he can to help his friend out and to do his job at the same time. It takes a lot of dedication to put up with a man like Tony Stark and still call him a friend, and thankfully Tony does show how much Rhodes means to him now and then.

1. Rocket and Groot

Just looking at these two it feels safe to say that Rocket gets more out of this relationship than Groot does since he gets a bodyguard that few people want to mess with and he gets to be his rascally self without Groot saying much about it. But at the same time, once Groot sacrifices himself, the new growth that comes from this has to rely on Rocket to take care of him for a while, and he still relies on Rocket until he’s grown. Between the two of them, Rocket is the brains, and Groot is the muscle, and it works perfectly most of the time, though every now and then Groot does kind of need a bit of prodding in the right direction.

Friendships in Marvel movies are pretty intense and usually very meaningful.

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