The Five Best Doris Day Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Doris Day Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Doris Day Movies of Her Career

Some names make the cut as far as being remembered over and over, while others are more of a generational thing that some recall and some simply pass by. Doris Day could be said to be one of those despite the fact that she was at one time a very popular entertainer and had a place in the elite that seemed destined to last for some time. Her rise to fame wasn’t too swift but it didn’t take untold years either as she developed a talent for singing that was recognized by her mother and then by others thanks to her mother finding it necessary to share her gift. From that point on Doris kind of became a very well-known and appreciated individual in show business, a fact that catapulted her forward until she finally retired in the mid to late 80s. During that time however she was one of the more prominent stars that people enjoyed seeing around.

Here are five of the best movies from her career.

5. Send Me No Flowers

A lot of people tend to have problems with severe hypochondriacs that constantly think the worst is coming, but this movie takes it in a direction that you can’t help but laugh at while wanting to slap some sense into the leading man. When he overhears his doctor telling someone else that he doesn’t think one of his patients has long to live he assumes that it’s him that is the topic of discussion and then proceeds to make a mess of his life by trying to push his wife towards another man while making plans for a funeral that will be a long time coming. By the end of the film he and his wife reconcile, but the maddening effort to get there is enough to make anyone roll their eyes.

4. Move Over, Darling

Five years might seem like a long enough time to wait before moving on when your spouse has gone missing, but if they’re still alive it’s safe to say that they might harbor a lot of resentment should they ever make their way home. When Ellen finally makes her journey home she finds out that Nick has gone on with his life and married Bianca without knowing whether or not she was really dead or alive. Needless to say Bianca divorces Nick, and Ellen is furious. She’s more concerned with the fact of whether or not her kids will remember her after so long. But unless a child is that young that they can’t remember it’s a safe bet that kids will always remember their parents.

3. Lover Come Back

It’s easy to see how the advertising industry could be so cutthroat since it’s all about who you know, who can do what for you, and of course how quickly and efficiently the ads are produced for this or that product. People need to see what’s available and the people behind the ads are often doing their best to make the product more appealing and easily seen by the public. But when one man decides to try and get ahead by marketing a product that’s initially non-existent his rival is quick to pounce on the smoke and mirrors that he tries to lay out, forcing him to come up with a product that is useful in its own way but hardly marketable to the general public.

2. Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane is kind of like a tornado caught up in human form, as she’s a very impressive individual but she’s an absolute nightmare when she’s roused and ready to fight. Throughout the film she finds that she’s in love with a particular man, though when that man doesn’t return her feelings she’s crushed, and rightly so. But when the woman she brings from Chicago to entertain the town of Deadwood falls in love with the same man she becomes not unlike a woman scorned as she throws the woman out of her home and life. Near the end of the movie however things are settled as she and Wild Bill Hickock are wed and the couple that she initially stood against are as well.

1. Pillow Talk

When an interior decorator and a certified playboy start a feud that one of them thinks is little more than an irritation and the other thinks is playful fun it becomes a back and forth game that begins to vex both of them even as it seems to draw them closer together. Of course when the playboy begins to treat it like a grand game that he plays to win the stakes don’t change, but the fact that he’s not quite ready for her reaction is obvious when she decorates his home in the gaudiest manner she can think of. At the end however when all seems inclined to tumble down around them the two end up falling in love.

There’s no denying the talent that Day had in her prime.

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