Top 5 Bette Davis Movies: A Tribute to a Hollywood Legend

Top 5 Bette Davis Movies: A Tribute to a Hollywood Legend

Top 5 Bette Davis Movies: A Tribute to a Hollywood Legend

Bette Davis was not an overnight sensation in Hollywood. Initially, she was not considered particularly special or talented by many in the industry. However, when she was finally given a chance to showcase her abilities, she proved her worth and became a sought-after actress. Davis may not have been a classic beauty or the most talented individual in the business, but she was perfect for the roles she was cast in, and her legend has yet to fade.

Here are the top 5 movies from her illustrious career.

5. The Man Who Came to Dinner

In this film, a troublesome radio personality recuperates from a fall in the home of a couple he had been visiting. He becomes a nuisance to everyone due to his controlling nature and difficult personality. His long-suffering assistant meets a man who has developed a stage play and tries to get her boss to use his connections to help. However, the radio star attempts to sabotage her relationship with the playwright, leading her to quit and leaving him without support.

4. Now, Voyager

This film is a classic ugly duckling tale. Davis’ character, Charlotte, is unwanted and unloved by her mother, who raised sons but didn’t want another child. Charlotte is sent to a sanitarium as a downtrodden and dejected person, but when she’s given a reason to look up and onward towards her life, she transforms into a beautiful and strong woman. After meeting someone she decides to never see again, she returns home and confronts her mother, who eventually dies of a heart attack. Despite this, Charlotte finds a way to keep her head up.

3. Jezebel

In this film, Julie has everything she could want but decides to commit a social faux pas over a trivial matter, effectively ending her engagement. Her former fiancé, Pres, marries another woman, and Julie’s attempts at revenge backfire when the man she chooses to provoke Pres is shot by Pres’ brother. A yellow fever outbreak strikes the community, and as an act of redemption, Julie vows to help Pres while admitting that there is no longer any love between them.

2. All About Eve

In this film, Davis plays Margo, an aging star who struggles to accept that she’s getting older and that roles that used to go to her are now being considered for younger actresses. Margo is not appreciative when Eve, her number one fan and friend, usurps her position and makes her look foolish. Eve manages to get away with it, but not without making a few enemies who would love to see her fall.

1. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

This film takes sibling rivalry to new heights and terrifying lows. Jane and Blanche could have been the best of friends and sisters had they not resented each other so much. Jane was a childhood star, while Blanche didn’t find success until she was older, eclipsing her sister and fueling their hatred. After Blanche suffers a spinal injury, Jane is forced to take care of her for years. Unfortunately, Jane becomes an alcoholic, and her abuse of Blanche intensifies. The film showcases the dark side of sibling rivalry and the lengths people will go to maintain their pride.

Bette Davis may have done things the hard way, but she managed to create a lasting legacy in Hollywood.

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