The CW Picks Up Series Order for DC Comics Adaptation, Naomi

The CW Picks Up Series Order for DC Comics Adaptation, Naomi

The CW Picks Up Series Order for DC Comics Adaptation, Naomi

There are a couple of things that DC is doing absolutely right when it comes to their properties, and introducing a new series to the CW is one of them since it sounds like Naomi will be headed to the network eventually for its first season. The origin story of a new superhero will probably serve as a positive note for both the CW and DC since the two have been working together nicely since Arrow first started up and through the formation of the Arrowverse and the shows that have followed. The CW has been a great landing spot for DC live-action shows over the years and it continues to help the franchise push forward considering that the live-action movies have been pretty hit and miss over the years. The animated movies have been another bright spot for DC and have gone a long way toward keeping the franchise upright and mobile, though the blockbuster movies keep coming in an attempt to surge forward in a big way. Right now it feels as though the CW is one of the biggest reasons why any live-action production that DC puts out is bound to do anything positive, but that might be a little presumptuous. The two do have a good thing going though since the CW has been where DC fans have learned to come for their live-action fix and it’s interesting to see another show slide into the mix, especially given that a lot of people aren’t likely to know that much about Naomie to start with. Introducing a character that’s only known to the fans carries a certain level of risk as well as success since both will depend on the acting, the story, and the effects. People are leery about investing in new shows sometimes, but the knowledge that Naomie belongs to DC might ease the transition and allow more people to get into the story.

The story that’s been given thus far is that Naomi McDuffie is a superhero born of other superheroes from an alternate earth where the ozone layer has been depleted and the radiation that reached the planet gave rise to a set group of beings with superpowers. When civil war broke out between the super-powered individuals, Naomi was sent to an alternate earth to escape, kind of like a Superman story told in a different manner. But as she grew up she eventually realized she had superpowers and could use them as she began to master her abilities. The only downfall to this character when it comes to her powers is that she had to learn how to use them, since she didn’t master her abilities right away, and can still be waylaid when she attempts to rely solely on her powers and not her more mundane skills. But it’s also been seen that Naomi is a very powerful hero that’s going to be introduced to the live-action DC world and people are definitely down to see it. One has to admit that it’s a nice push forward to introduce a newer hero that people haven’t heard as much about since it shows progress on the part of the franchise. If it works then it will hopefully be a sign that things are trending upward and will be bringing a change to the DC universe in a big way. This also gives the feel that DC is trying to stay competitive by bringing in new ideas rather than just recycling old material as it’s been doing for so long. There are plenty of animated shows, movies, and live-action movies coming that are bound to feature the older and well-known heroes, but it’s important to introduce new faces to the franchise now and then in order to keep things fresh and make certain that things are actually moving and not stagnating since DC happens to enjoy using the same old faces over and over again in a number of different ways. Yes, the MCU does this too, and both franchises are better off moving forward.

Whether it will be a big hit or not is hard to say at this time since people can love the comics and not love the live-action productions, as has been evidenced with a few of the movies that have been created over the years. It does sound interesting since an origin story can be adhered to or taken in a few different ways that people might want to entertain when thinking of how to introduce a new face to the fold. Just thinking of how things are bound to go and how they could go is a set of mental acrobatics that a lot of people might be confused by, but one way or another it’s all bound to sort out, and DC and the CW will have another hero on their hands.

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