The Coolest Russell Crowe Dinosaur Story You’ll Read Today

The Coolest Russell Crowe Dinosaur Story You’ll Read Today

If you needed any more proof that celebrities spend their money in odd ways then this should do it since the idea that Russell Crowe dropped $35k on a dinosaur head that he bought from Leonardo DiCaprio is about as head-shaking as it gets at the moment. It’s a true account that Crowe went on to talk about during an interview at one time as he stated that he bought it for his kids, who were into dinosaurs at the time and found it absolutely amazing. It’s a given that we all love our kids and want to get them neat things that will keep them interested, but $35k for a single item that they might not want to look at in the next few years? That seems a bit crazy, but then again it could be something that Russell might keep around for a while just as an interesting piece since not everyone has a dinosaur head lying around, right? Plus, it is his money so you can’t really say whether or not he can spend it any way he wants. That’s kind of the province of those that feel the need to dabble into everyone else’s life instead of keeping to their own.

Marianne Garvey of CNN went into a little more detail about the matter as she wrote that Crowe and DiCaprio entered this transaction after drinking, which almost makes one think that it was something that might have been done a little hastily and not with much thought in mind. Apparently Leo was wanting to purchase another item that he wanted to display and he simply needed to get rid of the dinosaur head in order to do it. Crowe offered to take it off his hands, Leo named a price, and Crowe paid it. He did eventually get rid of the head after his divorce, selling it off along with many other possessions. But he also learned that since selling it the head has doubled in value. The going price for fossils these days seems to be astronomical, but there’s a good chance he’s not sorry that it’s gone since it was something that took up a decent amount of space and didn’t serve much of a practical purpose. But then again if you look at the homes and possessions of many celebrities you might realize that what’s practical is quite different when you compare celebrities to average citizens. While some of us might see a dinosaur head as an interesting discussion piece that can bring up an interesting discussion, a lot of us might just see it as something that takes up a bit of space and has no other use but to sit there and be seen by people while it collects dust.

Helen Murphy of People went on to say that the skull was that of a mosasaur, a creature that was somewhat like a komodo dragon in appearance but likely much larger. The fact that it went for so much isn’t too hard to figure since it was intact and well-kept, but thankfully Crowe’s kids were a bit older and could fully appreciate the skull rather than try to play with it. One can only imagine what younger children would do with this if it wasn’t kept up, but this is probably why Crowe bought it in the first place, he knew his kids would take care and not damage it. The fact that the skull netted a healthy profit when it sold at auction isn’t exactly a surprise,  but thinking that old bones are worth that much is still something to scratch your head about.

It is kind of odd to think of what the rich and famous spend their money on but unless you make it a point to really get into that line of thinking it’s not exactly something that’s going to keep you up at night since like anyone else they have their quirks, it’s just that they can afford more expensive and lavish hobbies and can purchase things that would only be available to a lot of us after saving up for a few years, or decades. After all $35 thousand to a lot of people is a whole lot of money. To some that’s more than they’ll make in a year’s time and is considered to be worth a lot of respect. But to drop that much on something you buy when you’re drunk and just thinking of the kids and what they might like in their playroom, that’s kind of hard to fathom in a lot of ways since it seems a bit wasteful as well as foolish. But again, his decision, his money, so no one could say anything about. It is kind of amusing to think of what his wife might have said about it back then.

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