The Best Uses of Newsboys Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Newsboys Songs in Movies or TV

The Newsboys are a Christian rock band that have been going since the 80s with a lot of lineup changes and have been staying pretty popular within their genre since the idea of Christian rock has been gaining ground for a number of years. Anyone remember when it was ridiculed and looked down upon by those that were into harder rock that kind of steered away from the idea of God and religion? Well at this point Christian music in any style is becoming a big thing, in fact has already become a big thing, and has gained a following throughout the years that is nothing less than impressive since it’s hard to distinguish from other songs and aside from the message provides a lot of entertainment to those that don’t know what it’s all about at first. Even when people find out many of them still continue to listen since the beat and the rhythm are highly contagious.

Here are a few of their songs from movies and TV.

5. Do You Believe? – We Believe

It’s not as hard to shake a person’s faith as you might think as it’s noted in this movie, but those that have their faith built upon the bedrock of their heart and soul are those that tend to hold firm to beliefs that are adaptable and can be strengthened or weakened by their reaction to the world around them. In this film that kind of belief is noted as it becomes necessary for one man to reaffirm his beliefs and make certain of what he stands for and what he seeks to teach others. Staying still in your faith isn’t the answer but remaining steadfast as it changes and adapts is one sure way to keep said beliefs for a long time to come.

4. Infected – Hero

Thrust into a world where a deadly epidemic has taken hold Marcus has to find a way to help a group of survivors stay alive. That’s the gist of the show and it’s usually enough to go on since it’s a solid plot point and something that a lot of people can get behind. That being said it’s also the kind of story that incites a lot of belief and a great way to instill religion in one form or another since in the darkest of times people want to look for something to believe in even if it’s the only thing they’ve got. Belief after all is stronger than just about anything since it can instill within people the need to keep going when things are at their worst.

3. God’s Not Dead – God’s Not Dead

It’s not much of a mind-bender but the idea that God is dead is not a belief that anyone in this world is going to get away with when it comes to Christianity or any other faith that has something to say about it.  The death of a deity is something that people don’t want to believe and likely won’t since it says that their whole belief system is a lie and that they’ve been building on something that has no actual basis. That’s why Christians and many others of different beliefs will hold to their ways and substantiate their arguments in various ways that make absolute sense to them and many others when they claim that God is very much alive.

2. Jonah: A VeggiTales Movie – In the Belly of the Whale

VeggieTales was something that came along as a fun and inspired way to get kids into the scripture and tell them the old tales of the Bible in a way that made sense and could help them relate in their own manner to the lessons that were being taught. It certainly changed a lot of kids’ minds when it came to thinking about stale old Sunday school teachings and brought a new generation into Christianity in a way that catered to their age group and their intellectual level. It’s true that kids grow out of this very quickly but it’s also true that many of them can possibly remember with great fondness the tales that helped them to believe in the lord as they grew up.

1. Extreme Days – Forever Man

There wasn’t much hype about this movie obviously but it’s still one that can inspire and entertain people since it has a lot to do with friendship and the importance of living life while we have it. The whole idea of Christian rock being used in movies isn’t a new idea but it’s one that you don’t always realize is happening until you really look at the soundtrack and see who’s singing the songs. A lot of people don’t care so long as the music is good enough, and that’s kind of the point.

Christian music has made a big impact in the last few decades and it’s positioned itself in a way that will allow it to stick around for a good long while.

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