The Best Uses of Luther Vandross Songs in Movies or TV

Luther Vandross was, simply put, a one of a kind talent that doesn’t come along all that often. Some people might say he was just another talented producer and singer but when you lose just one performer out of many it’s still noticeable since their light is one among the many that matters to make the whole thing work. He was a very influential person throughout his career and amassed a fanbase that was quite impressive as he made his way up the ranks from a young age. He actually taught himself how to play piano by ear and was a big fan of many performers that helped to influence his love for music and his subsequent rise to fame. Unfortunately as he grew older he suffered from diabetes and hypertension and eventually passed away from complications arising from a heart attack. He is missed by many however.

Here are some of his songs that have appeared in movies and TV.

5. Mo Money – The Best Things In Life Are Free

The life of a con man is a risky thing and can get dangerous very quickly as Johnny finds out. When he decides that he needs to impress a woman that he’s trying to get to know he decides to commit identity fraud, which back in that day was still a crime but not identified as such, and starts using credit cards in other peoples’ names. He believes that he’s not harming anyone but the company but at this point a lot of us know different since identity theft can really mess up a person’s credit as well as their life if the person doing it isn’t careful. But when he finally gets confronted and almost killed over the theft Johnny decides it’s time to get out of the business.

4. American Idol – Dance With My Father

This song is special largely because Luther wrote it for his father, who passed away when Luther was still very young. That being said there’s a lot of emotion and heart that went into this track and it’s usually appreciated when it’s treated in a way that makes it mean something. In going out for American Idol one can appreciate that every song means something to the people singing it, but unless you’re willing to give it your all, songs like this are kind of cheapened by a lackluster performance. Thankfully Jacob is able to give this song everything he can and doesn’t hold back anything.

3. The X Factor – Never Too Much

It might be a terrible thing to say but it’s funny sometimes to watch just how into it the contestants for these shows get. When their voice is on point it’s great since they’re a joy to listen to and it’s obvious that they know their own worth when it comes to singing. But the level to which some of them go is just flat out hilarious in a way since it seems that they throw caution to the wind and just go with whatever they’re feeling at that moment. That’s what you need to do however in order to make it through such competitions since there are simply too many people that are ready and willing to take those open spots if someone messes up.

2. Luther Vandross – Bad Boy Having A Party

House Party was, quite honestly, one of the best movies of its time even if it didn’t manage to get the kind of attention it needed to be anything other than a cult classic. Kid n Play were one of the best acts of the era and one of the most entertaining since they were there to have fun and just get into trouble when it came to these movies. When Kid tries to sneak out without Pops noticing however it becomes even better since the chase around town he goes on after running into the same bullies that harassed him in school makes the movie a thrill ride that finally ends with him getting to the party, at least until Pops shows up.

1. The Goonies – She’s So Good to Me

If you can remember the Goonies and how great a movie it was then you had at least one good time in your childhood that is obviously memorable. Being from the Pacific Northwest however makes it better since those of us that are can easily pick out the landmarks that were used for the film and visit those locations without fail. It’s one of those movies you watch as a kid and are completely entranced by, but as an adult can see doesn’t make as much sense. Despite that it’s still something to enjoy since it’s a bit of nostalgia that reminds you that childhood was at one time a very simple and enjoyable thing.

Luther Vandross was a skilled and very talented man. Rest in peace sir.

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