10 Surprising Facts About the T-800 Terminator You Never Knew

10 Surprising Facts About the T-800 Terminator You Never Knew

You might think you know everything about the iconic T-800 Terminator, but there’s more to this steel skeleton with red glowing eyes than meets the eye. The T-800 has been a symbol of fear and fascination since the first Terminator movie hit the screens. Let’s dive into some lesser-known facts about this relentless killing machine.

10. T-800 Terminators are not all identical.

While they may share the same basic design, not every T-800 looks the same. Skynet understands the importance of adapting and upgrading its Terminators to make them more efficient at infiltrating and eliminating their targets.

9. They share the same combat techniques.

Each new batch of T-800s is equipped with the latest combat techniques and experiences gathered from previous units. Learning from past failures is crucial for Skynet’s success.

8. The Guardian in Genisys is the longest-lived Terminator.

The heavily modified ‘Pops’ was sent back in time to protect Sarah Connor and had to age alongside her. This makes him the longest-lived Terminator in the series.

7. The original Terminator was meant to be smaller and less threatening.

The initial idea was to create a Terminator that could blend in with everyday people. While Arnold Schwarzenegger’s portrayal deviated from this concept, he still made for an unforgettable and seemingly unstoppable villain.

6. T-800’s learning capabilities are intentionally limited.

Skynet designed the T-800s to be adaptable but not too intelligent, to prevent them from rebelling against their creator. This balance ensures they remain brutal and efficient killing machines.

5. The T-800’s capabilities vary from movie to movie.

Throughout the series, the T-800’s abilities have evolved. For example, the original Terminator had dead flesh that attracted flies, while later models had self-healing skin. Skynet continuously learns from its mistakes and improves its creations.

4. Dogs can always detect Terminators.

Dogs have been used as early warning systems in the movies, as they can detect the artificial scent of a Terminator. Their keen sense of smell makes them invaluable allies in the fight against these machines.

3. The T-800 was inspired by a nightmare.

James Cameron dreamt of being chased by a metal skeleton, which inspired the creation of the T-800. It’s easy to see how such a terrifying vision could lead to the birth of this iconic character.

2. There’s an online death battle between the T-800 and Robocop.

Despite the T-800’s infiltration abilities, it was no match for the walking tank that is Robocop in this online showdown. It would be interesting to see how Robocop would fare against more advanced Terminators, but the T-800 couldn’t withstand the heavy damage inflicted by its opponent.

1. The T-800 is the only character on both the greatest heroes and greatest villains lists.

While the Terminators on these lists are different variants, it’s still impressive that the same type of character has made it onto both lists. And it seems the T-800 isn’t done yet, as it’s set to return once more.

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