This Is Stranger Things as a Lucasarts-Style Adventure Game

This Is Stranger Things as a Lucasarts-Style Adventure Game

This Is Stranger Things as a Lucasarts-Style Adventure Game

Does anyone really remember when computer games were actually like this? Showing Stranger Things as a LucasArts-Style Adventure Game in which you have to click upon each prompt and get them in the right order seems like it would take forever, and back in the day it did. People would get frustrated beyond belief and simply quit or would spend hours at their console attempting to get past one part of the game in order to advance. Computer games were truly for computer nerds back then, guys and girls that could somehow just figure out the patterns and figure their way through the mazes and challenges that were presented.

Now imagine how hard Stranger Things would be in a setting like this. Depending on how detailed it was, and it would likely be filled with various details indeed, you might find that a single encounter could take upwards of an hour or two just to lead up to it and then get through it. The small clip you saw with the Christmas lights would no doubt take a substantial amount of time to figure out and move through, and then there’s no telling if there’s a time limit or conditions in which you might need to complete one action ahead of another lest their be dire consequences.

You can bet however that even if the game was insanely hard that diehard fans would still purchase it and attempt to master it in a weekend. The chances are good that such a thing wouldn’t happen that quickly but there would be people that would try. The only other sticking point I can think of at this point would be the fact that the clip showed prompts for sticking in different disks, which for a game like this could only mean floppy disks. Do those even exist anymore? When was the last time you saw a floppy drive? There are still computers around that use such a system but for the most part a lot of people either don’t know about floppy disks anymore or don’t bother simply because flash drives and CD’s are far easier to store and use.

Of course it could have meant CD’s, but that means an entire CD would be dedicated to a single character if that were the case. Just how much information would be on each disc? That seems like it would take forever just to complete each character’s story, Eleven’s would likely take a massive amount of time all alone. It might be interesting and could even give a little greater insight to the characters but it would be such a lengthy game that it could make D&D adventure look like a weekend jaunt into the realm of fantasy.

For the serious gamers that know how to navigate the more confusing and literal pathways of a game it seems like it might be a lot of fun if it was real, but to the rest of us it might be entertaining for a while before we finally got tired of it and shut the thing off.


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