The Story of the Secret Apartment Walt Disney Had Built in Disneyland

It is interesting to note that Walt Disney had a secret apartment built in the first Disneyland. For those who are curious, it can be found on the second floor of the fire station on Main Street USA, measuring no more than 500 square feet. However, that is more than enough space for it to have its own bathroom as well as its own kitchen, meaning that it was more than enough for Walt Disney to spend time with his family while ensconced in its comforting surroundings. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the interior of the apartment is done up in the style of the fire station, which is why it sees the frequent use of both reds and whites.

Regardless, Walt Disney had the apartment built in the first Disneyland for a number of reasons. For example, he used it as a place to spend time with his family in relative peace. However, it is interesting to note that he seemed to have wanted it as a place where he could watch people come into the first Disneyland, which would have been the fulfillment of a dear ambition for him. In fact, the Mouseketeers were with Walt Disney in the apartment on the first day, where they watched as people headed into the first Disneyland. One of the Mouseketeers made note of how Walt Disney had a smile that was ear to ear as well as tears running down his cheeks, which is something that speaks volumes about the degree of the emotion that he must have felt at that moment.

What Else Do We Know About the Secret Apartment Built in Disneyland?

With that said, there are a number of other things known about Walt Disney’s secret apartment in the first Disneyland, which might interest who are fascinated by the existence of such a place. For example, there aren’t actually a lot of photos that can be found for the apartment because Walt Disney forbade them for the most part. However, few is not the same as none, which is why interested individuals should have no problems finding out what the apartment looks like so long as they are willing to search for the right pictures. For that matter, it should be mentioned that Disney actually holds tours of the place for those who are interested in seeing what it is like, which should come as welcome news to those who have been bitten by the curiosity bug.

On a semi-related note, Walt Disney’s secrecy in regards to his apartment is understandable considering what his fans were willing to do in order to meet him. For example, the apartment actually had a fireman’s pole at one point in time, which Walt Disney would encourage his guests to use for convenient access to the rest of the fire station. However, that pole is no longer there because it had to be removed when a over-zealous fan attempted to meet Walt Disney by climbing up it, which must have been rather unpleasant.

Finally, it is interesting to note that the light of a lamp can still be seen in the apartment. This is because the lamp is supposed to symbolize that Walt Disney’s spirit is still present in the place that he brought to life, which is a nice way to honor his role in Disney as a whole. However, the lamp is not on all of time, seeing as how it is turned off whenever Walt Disney’s daughters are visiting for the sake of paying respect to them as well as their father.

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