There are Still Some Blockbusters in the U.S. and One Has a Hilarious Twitter Account

There are Still Some Blockbusters in the U.S. and One Has a Hilarious Twitter Account

There are Still Some Blockbusters in the U.S. and One Has a Hilarious Twitter Account

Seriously, does anyone still visit a Blockbuster store? If anyone does you would think it’d be those that just don’t trust Netflix or those newfangled things like On Demand or Hulu or even iTunes. Quite honestly you could sign up for any of many services and receive any movie you want at home for around the same price it would cost to buy or rent the movies at a Blockbuster.

Maybe these stores are still open in tourist towns? That would make more sense really, especially if those towns were the type that had so much to do outside that staying inside wasn’t always the best option. Of course, when it rains in those locations and there’s not much else to do, then the video stores would fill up again. This is all hypothetical however since to be quite honest the advent of Netflix and Hulu and even Redbox have kind of made video stores as obsolete as the rotary dial phone. Does anyone remember those things?

The realization that any Blockbusters still exist is actually kind of amazing. Throughout the US these stores have been dying off left and right without fail since America got hooked up to the same network. There might be something to say about such stores though and the feeling one would get when walking in. You knew you were there for something, no matter if you had no idea what you would find. The small thrill of going over to the NEW RELEASE section was always fun simply because unless you were the type that counted the days until a favorite movie was coming out you had no idea what would be there.

Also, movie stores were always stocked with older movies and favorites that might have disappeared from the stores but were still available in the rental store because, let’s face it, their need to recycle old films and toss them wasn’t that great. They needed to cater to as many people as they possibly could and so kept a wide volume of titles that could satisfy almost anyone’s taste.

Going to the movie store was a satisfying or frustrating experience depending on how far you had to drive, what was there, and what was left if the store had been busy. Overall though it was a part of our history growing up that, as kids, we always got excited for. It’s kind of hard to get excited while staring at a computer that can give you pretty much what you want.

With the realization that there are still a few Blockbuster stores in America however the Twitter account of this one store actually brings a smile to most faces and a sense of nostalgia that takes us back to our childhood. Of course then you read the tweets and you realize that the average Blockbuster employee must experience a rather dull day at the store if they feel the need to divulge this kind of information.

Video stores just aren’t what they used to be.


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