3 Mistakes Characters Committed In Spider-Man: No Way Home

spider-man no way home character mistakes

During the last decade, the world was introduced to Spider-Man having the same problems as most of us after a work day: getting home. In 2017, we saw the movie Homecoming, followed by Far From Home two years later. Two years since, we found out what happened to Spider-Man on his quest to get back home, as this 2021 movie told its viewers that Spider-Man had No Way Home.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is a 2021 movie and is the third installment of the trilogy where Spider-Man was supposed to go home. It was released in December of that year and earned nearly ten times its budget at its box office worldwide.

The story continued from the events of Far From Home. After Spider-Man fought with Quentin, he used footage of their fight with some manipulations to show that Spider-Man was the villain. This was announced in the news and public view. Quentin, the true villain, also revealed the true identity of Spider-Man, Peter Parker, making him an outcast in society.

Seeing himself as an outcast, Peter Parker wanted everyone to “unlearn” that he was Spider-Man, so he went to Doctor Strange, who performed a spell that would erase that piece of knowledge from everyone’s minds.

Below, we will discuss three things that did not make sense in No Way Home. We will critique what the characters did very wrong, ultimately worsening their situation and a longer run time.

spider-man no way home character mistakes

1. Peter should have asked with a slightly different wording instead

When Peter Parker went to Doctor Strange’s place, he asked him to make everyone forget that he was Spider-Man. The Doctor agreed and tried to cast a spell to give him the desired outcome. Doctor Strange was just following orders.

However, Strange’s spell-casting was interrupted by Peter’s repeated pleas for modification. He wanted his friends to be spared from the spell’s effects. The interruptions severely disrupted Doctor Strange’s operations, leading to more problems later.

Now, this could be barely different, but it would greatly affect the outcome. What if Peter asked Strange to make everyone forget what Quentin announced? It wouldn’t make people forget that Peter was Spider-Man per se, but if you think of it, if the public forgot what was publicly revealed, they essentially forgot that he was Spider-Man.

And the good news is that he wouldn’t need to request modifications because his friends already knew he was Spider-Man before the announcement. So if everyone were to forget about that scandalous announcement, his friends would still know that he was Spider-Man as the announcement did not give them new knowledge.

2. Delaying the delivery of the villains back to their original universes

The failed spell released some villains in Peter Parker’s universe, which, for the sake of consistency, will be referred to as the “real universe” in this article.

As a result, Peter Parker and his friends needed to take those villains back to Doctor Strange’s place so that Strange could transport them back to their universes (and also to prevent them from destroying the Earth in the real universe). When Doctor Strange was about to send the villains back from where they came back, Peter stole Strange’s apparatus, putting the sending to a halt.

The problem here is that if you have dangerous beings stocked up in one place and you can get rid of them, AND the result of not getting rid of them is destruction, you have to take them out.

spider-man no way home character mistakes

3. Talking to an MIT officer in the middle of a traffic jam

The middle of the road is NOT the place to talk about rejected applications. This is a minor mistake that leads Peter to be attacked by Octavius.

Wow, almost all of this movie’s misfortunes came from Parker’s wrong actions.

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