Sons of Anarchy Pulled the Plug, But Was It Shown the Door?

Sons of Anarchy Pulled the Plug, But Was It Shown the Door?

When Sons of Anarchy wrapped up its seven-year joyride, fans were left wondering if the show had reached its natural end or if it was more like being kicked out of the bar at closing time. So grab your leather jackets and let’s take a trip down the memory lane of Charming, with a hint of sarcasm and a whole lot of revving engines.

Sons of Anarchy series overview

Remember when biker dramas were the talk of the town? Sons of Anarchy was leading that pack. The show had us all pretending to know a thing or two about motorcycles and outlaw culture. It wasn’t just about Jax Teller’s pretty face; it was about his journey from VP to Pres, and how he managed to make more bad decisions than a drunk at a Vegas slot machine. Sons of Anarchy Pulled the Plug, But Was It Shown the Door?

With an ending that had Jax literally embracing his fate head-on with a truck, it’s hard not to chuckle at the irony. ‘Sons of Anarchy rode off into the sunset — or, to be more accurate, right into a semi driven by Michael Chiklis’. But let’s be real, while we all love a good Shakespearean tragedy, we can’t help but wonder if this was the grand finale the show deserved or if it was just out of gas.

Series creator Kurt Sutter

Now let’s talk about Kurt Sutter, the man who thought it would be fun to play with our emotions for seven seasons. He claims he wanted Jax to get it right unlike his father, I liked the notion of Jax being brought to the same place as his father but getting it right. But between us, we all know that ‘getting it right’ in Sutter’s world means leaving a trail of bodies and broken hearts. Sons of Anarchy Pulled the Plug, But Was It Shown the Door?

And let’s not forget his charming reaction to leaks: There are a thousand f**king people I can blame. And I assure you, by the time I am done, my f**king basket will be filled with heads of incompetent c**ts. Always nice to see someone taking responsibility like a true leader.

Final season ratings

The final season’s ratings were like riding through a bumpy road with occasional smooth stretches. Let’s just say they weren’t exactly popping wheelies all the way through. ‘Papa’s Goods’ managed to haul in 9.26 million total viewers after some number crunching, but was this enough to keep the show from being shown the door? Sons of Anarchy Pulled the Plug, But Was It Shown the Door?

‘Hunnam remained an audience favorite throughout the entire run of Sons of Anarchy’, which probably helped keep those numbers from completely tanking. But even Hunnam’s charms have their limits when it comes to pulling in viewers for a final curtain call.

Fan reception of the ending

Fans had mixed feelings about the ending, ranging from ‘Jax finally fixed everything’ to ‘what in the actual hell was that?’ On Reddit, one fan summed up many thoughts by expressing doubts about Jax’s decisions really solving anything for SAMCRO. Sons of Anarchy Pulled the Plug, But Was It Shown the Door?

And let’s not overlook Charlie Hunnam sneaking onto set because he wasn’t ready to say goodbye: I knew the security guards and for a couple of days said, ‘Oh, I forgot something’, so they’d let me onto the set, and I’d just walk around at night because I wanted to be in that environment and go through a personal process of saying goodbye. If that doesn’t scream emotional attachment then I don’t know what does.

External pressures on the show

Beyond creative decisions and Hunnam’s night strolls on set, there were whispers about prequels and sequels. Seems like everyone wanted more SOA except maybe FX. Sutter brought in former gang member Elgin James for ‘Mayans M.C.’, suggesting collaboration over network arm-twisting. Sons of Anarchy Pulled the Plug, But Was It Shown the Door?

But really, who knows what happened behind those closed studio doors? Perhaps FX just wanted to preserve their most-watched series’ legacy rather than watch it go down in flames like Jax on his final ride.

Comparison to similar TV show endings

Comparing SOA’s finale to other TV series is like comparing apples to…motorcycles? Some shows know when to bow out gracefully while others linger like that last party guest who doesn’t get the hint. ‘Mayans M.C.’ didn’t just ride on SOA’s coattails; it dared to be about something more than just outlaw culture. Sons of Anarchy Pulled the Plug, But Was It Shown the Door?

‘By the end of its first season, Mayans M.C. wasn’t just a successful spin-off; it might just make it a better show than Sons’. Talk about setting high expectations for your younger siblings!

Legacy and spin-offs

The legacy SOA leaves behind is as sturdy as those Harleys they rode. With talks about prequels and sequels swirling around like exhaust fumes, fans can’t help but get their hopes up for another ride with SAMCRO. ‘With all this chatter about more “SOA” from so many big names from the series, it’s probably difficult for fans not to get their hopes up’.

The spin-off ‘Mayans M.C.’ has certainly kept some engines running but whether it will surpass its predecessor is still up for debate. One thing’s for sure though: as long as there are leather jackets and open roads, there will be stories from this universe waiting to be told.

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