“Soccer Mommy” Channels Nineties Teen Movies in “Cool” Video

“Soccer Mommy” Channels Nineties Teen Movies in “Cool” Video

Soccer Mommy is the stage name of Sophie Allison, who is an indie rock musician of some note. In short, she started out playing the guitar at a young age, with the result that she went on to attend Nashville School of the Arts, which is exactly what it sounds like in that it is meant for high school students with a strong interest in the various arts. Eventually, Allison went to study in New York City but wound up dropping out of school to return home for the purpose of pursuing a professional music career when she managed to land a contract.

As a result, Allison is by no means a beginner in music by this point in time. After all, she actually played her first show under her current stage name in New York City when she was still in school. Furthermore, she has actually released not one but two full-length albums so far, meaning that she has done a fair amount of work in her chosen career. Music-wise, while Allison plays indie rock, she has been influenced to a significant extent by pop music. In fact, she has specifically mentioned Avril Lavigne as an influence, which makes sense considering that the first CD that she ever owned was Lavigne’s Under My Skin.

What Is Soccer Mommy’s “Cool” Video?

Recently, Soccer Mommy has released the music video for “Cool,” which is one of the songs featured on her second album. Amusingly, the video makes much reference to teen movies from the 90s, as shown by scenes ranging from a pre-prom party to ridiculous school portraits. Those who are either curious about Soccer Mommy’s sound or just nostalgic for teen movies from that particular decade shouldn’t hesitate to check out the video, particularly since it could help them learn about a new musician that they’d want to listen to again and again at a time when she is going on tour for the purpose of promoting her second album Clean.

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