So What’s Going on with the Knight Rider Reboot Anyway?

So What’s Going on with the Knight Rider Reboot Anyway?

So What’s Going on with the Knight Rider Reboot Anyway?

Knight Rider is a favorite from back in the day and it was among the many shows that people would look forward to with every episode. After a talking car was something so advanced for that time that the mere idea was enough to push a story. Plus it wasn’t just a talking car, it was a car that could think on its own and engage in a solid discussion with the driver on a regular basis. This was one of the shows that made David Hasselhoff a big star after all, and has been on the minds of many a fan for many years now concerning a remake or a reboot. The only problem however is that reboots and remakes are not having a good time of it right now in Hollywood as a lot of them have bombed out and been seen to fail when they can’t deliver what the fans are really after. This could be one reason why Knight Rider is still among those ideas that has been tabled for now until real interest is sparked enough to get it up and moving. Whatever is happening the fact remains that the Knight Rider reboot is still a ways off from being made, even if there’s an actor or two that might be interested in being involved.

The plans of making it into a movie seem to be geared towards giving it a limited run.

The series didn’t last that long to be honest and making it into a movie seems to make a lot more sense than trying to revive the series yet again. The attempt to bring Knight Rider back was taken in 2008 and lasted until 2009, long enough to play out one season before it was taken off the air again. Obviously it didn’t inspire enough audience members to rally behind it since the show has kind of been forgotten at this point. In fact one could even say that the original series has been remembered far more than the attempt made about a decade ago. Creating a movie out of it would seem to be taking the high road and admitting that while a story about a talking AI car would be great, it might be better as a limited run rather than an ongoing series. In this manner the car might be given a decent back story, the driver could be accounted for, and the dynamic between the two could be built and better understood so that the story could take precedence after or during this process.

It would star John Cena and Kevin Hart.

John Cena has read the script and professed that it could be something great, but there hasn’t been a lot of word from Hart, who would play the part of KITT, which is kind of hard to picture. The film is said to be more comedic in nature than the series ever was, which is more fitting since Hart is not really made for drama and is a lot more well-received as a comedian. But to hear the car talking in a wisecracking manner would be unique and also kind of different in a way that a lot of diehard fans might find off-putting to start with. After all KITT’s voice in the series was pretty monotone, while Hart’s voice has never really been anything but multi-toned in a very distinctive way. In other words he’s not known for moderating his tone all that well and in order to play the part of the car he’d either have to tone it way down and be something very unlike himself, or he’d have to be left to his own designs and thereby alter the story quite a bit. It also suggests that KITT’s makers would want him to have a very different attitude that wouldn’t always be quite as helpful as was intended. If Hart truly is in on this project and it ever does get made it’d be interesting to hear for at least a few lines, but fans would no doubt reserve judgment well in advance.

At this point and time however Cena doesn’t think it’s going to be something that gets a lot of attention unless a miracle happens. He’s fully on board with the project but so far it hasn’t really sparked anyone’s creative juices enough to be picked up as a major project. There’s definitely interest and a lot more than just a passing fancy that this could be an interesting movie, but until it becomes a fire under someone’s butt there’s not likely to be any real buzz about it. Some people might be willing to let Knight Rider just rest and remain the great and memorable series that was popular when a lot of us were kids. Others might want it to come back, but it’d be best not to hold your breath.

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