10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sai Pallavi

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sai Pallavi

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sai Pallavi

If you don’t know who Sai Pallavi is then you might not watch a lot of Telegu films. In truth she is one of those that has plans in her life that may or may not include acting for the long haul since she is a very educated woman and has desires beyond the spotlight that might eventually eat into the time that she’s able to perform. But given that idea it seems likely that she might at least want to insure that she’s remembered or that she has as good a time as she can while she’s there. In truth there’s nothing to say that she won’t continue to act and dance as much as she wants but given the field that she wants to go into it might be that she will have to choose between one or the other eventually and it will depend on what she really wants to do when it comes to making that choice.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She has a doctorate.

This is really something to be impressed with and not at all amazed by since no school hands out doctorates like they do other degrees. This is something a person tends to spend a great deal of time earning and slaving away for. Yet for all that this degree is something that you really need to want and have every plan to make use of if it’s going to be worth anything.

9. She’s partially self-taught when it comes to dancing.

Sai has watched other dancers and learned from them as she has always had the desire to dance as her mother did. This seems to be a big part of who she is and something that she prizes above many other aspects of her life.

8. She has a desire to be a cardiologist.

Such a specific desire is something that requires a great amount of study as well as the kind of schooling that would keep a person up late at night and working steadily all day to learn in a hands on manner so as to be one of the best they could be.

7. She debuted in Dhaam Dhoom.

The gist of this story is that a man wishes to become a doctor like his parents and upon taking a trip to Russia with his colleagues for a conference meets up with a woman that is secretly a drug trafficker that is thinking of getting out of the business. When she is found dead the next morning he is accused of her murder and forced to flee, though eventually things get sorted out and the real villain is caught so that the protagonist can return home.

6. She was noticed in an advertisement before becoming an actress.

Everyone has to get noticed somehow and somewhere. Even the greatest actors were nobodies at one point and had to start their way up from the bottom, gaining attention and notice as they went along.

5. She was initially very insecure about her looks.

Even if a person is rather pretty or knockout gorgeous it doesn’t matter since a lot of people are at times very insecure about the way they look and are quite difficult to console. It takes a lot of confidence to finally be comfortable with yourself and at this point she is very in tune with who she is.

4. She’s 26 years old.

Considering this it would seem that she has accomplished a great deal in just a short time since earning a doctorate, becoming a dancer, and an actress, are not something that happens overnight. It kind of makes a person think that she’s one of the many overachievers in the world, but one that’s earned every bit of what she has and appreciates it.

3. Her film career started in 2oo5.

Honestly she hasn’t done a whole lot in that time compared to others but given that she’s been in school and trying to move towards a skilled profession one can easily assume that she’s been juggling both careers throughout this entire time.

2. She was a dancer before she was an actress.

This was definitely the one thing that she wanted to do more than anything at one point since she wanted so much to be like her mother that dancing was something she took to heart and actually tried to learn from watching others. She did manage to learn how to dance but it seems to be more of a hobby at this point, something she keeps doing because she loves to do it.

1. She’s won quite a few awards.

If you look at her list of accomplishments you can see that she’s impressed a lot of people and has racked up enough awards to be considered very good at what she does.

It’d be interesting to see if she ever comes to America and if she could make the transition to US films.

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