Rugby Player Ben Tameifuna Could be a 340-lb NFL Star

The transition from any sport to the NFL is a tough one.  While there have been a reasonable amount of success stories of transitioning from one sport to the NFL, there are even more stories of failure.   It’s just not that easy to pull it off.  Jimmy Graham is a great example as is Chris Hogan on the Patriots.   These guys were basketball and lacrosse players respectively.    However, if there’s one sport where you’d think the transition might be easier, it’s Rugby.

While Rugby isn’t exactly Football, it’s got some key elements that are extremely similar.  Players are tackled (only in Rugby there are no pads) and both are considered to be two of the roughest sports in the world.   When it comes to size, Rugby players are big boys just like our football players.  You have to have speed, agility and also the ability to run through a number of players trying to smash you down to the ground.

If there’s one Rugby player out there who would have a great shot at success in the NFL it would have to be Ben Tameifuna.  This guy is a total beast.  He currently plays for a New Zealand team and weighs in at 340 pounds.  This guy is a bulldozer.   Check out this clip below:


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